Any Bleeker duffles at outlet or stores on sale?

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  1. I would like to find one without paying full price. Thanks!
  2. What color are you looking for? And are you wanting the large or medium?
  3. either size, prefer black, ink or a shade of brown, but may consider others since I need one rather quickly
  4. I went to the coach website, I used the try it on feature. I think I'd prefer the large
  5. none on ebay that are great deals that will end soon enough for me to get in time for my trip :cry:
  6. the large are becoming increasingly hard to find. I got the green one at my outlet about 2 weeks ago for $175. It was only the 3rd large one they had gotten.

  7. That's about what I was hoping to find one for, but I can't find one with a buy it now that low. I guess I will call my outlet early next week and see if they just happen to have one. :crybaby:
  8. This one is still on sale on the Coach website for $279

  9. I am wanting the leather.
  10. I saw the dark green and Ink at the outlet (medium size) at 240 plus extra 20% off , which would be $192 + Tax. My DH bought the rose color medium duffle for full price from the coach store.....and after a month or so I went to the outlet and saw the ink color for 192!.I was in pain man !

  11. OUCH!! I would love to find an ink at that price. :drool:
  12. My outlet told me over the phone that they now have green and ink LARGE duffles in all leather. I didn't ask about the price because I was interested in legacy stuff. It's probably a good price though. I hope you find one.
  13. They can also look in the system and tell you if another one in your area has one!
  14. I think I saw some at the Macy's in Philadelphia- this was last Tuesday. I don't think they were on-sale though.

    Oh! They did have a patchwork on sale. I think it was discounted to $179.
  15. I eneded up finding one on ebay in Ink. I did get a call this morning from Nordstroms and they have one as well, but I already got the one off ebay. If anyone needs the info, they's in Texas