Any Black Patent Ergo Satchels at the outlets still?

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  1. I had called yesterday and had one put on hold for me, along with a Magenta leather one as I wasn't sure which I wanted. When I called today to extend my hold another day the SA wanted to check and make sure the bags were still on hold. Unfortunately the original SA I talked too only put the Magenta on hold. If anyone has seen blk patent at their outlet can you let me know so I can put one on hold and then go do a charge send? I don't want to have to call all these outlets. Thanks girls!
  2. Las Vegas premium outlet (the north one) had some yesterday.
  3. Not an outlet, but they had one on the sale table at Nordstrom a couple days ago in Main Place mall, Santa Ana, CA.

    Good luck!
  4. They had 3 at Pleasant Prairie, WI today. Along with a few magentas and a few siggies.
  5. Thanks!I will make a few calls in the morning.
  6. Last week there were at least 4 at Aurora Farms (OH) outlet.

    Still full price at Dillards!
  7. I picked one up last weekend at the Pleasant Prairie outlet and my co-worker stopped by there last night to buy one (she had it on hold) and mentioned that there were still a few on the sales display.

    One caution though - I remember when I was selecting mine, there were a couple that the kisslock closure just didn't seem right. It didn't snap shut completely. So if you do a charge send, it might be worth asking the SA to grab one with a tighter kisslock compartment.

    I love my black patent satchel! I have an orange one that I love, but the leather was just so sensitive. I actually got a small stain on it and it drives me nuts! I love how the patent is maintenance free and so pretty!
  8. I'm pretty sure they still had a couple at the Lebanon, TN outlet! Good luck!
  9. I hope you find one. I almost bought one but I have too many bags. It sure is pretty!
  10. Me too I love the Black Patent Ergo Satchel. The problem is I have so many black bags now. Sigh........
  11. Thanks to my wonderful SA at Carsbad I got one and more goodies! I'll post in the other area when I'm feeling better. Have a terrible cold! :sad: