Any Black or Navy Patent Jumbos left out there?

  1. Does anyone know if there are still any Black or Navy Jumbo left out there? I would prefer Navy over Black if I can find it. Also, does anyone know the price out for them?

  2. Hi there, I know it's $2395 but I can't help you with availability........
  3. I've been searching everywhere for the navy jumbo and they are long may have better luck with the black but even those are hard to find..a couple stores I had called only had the black patent in the medium size not jumbo.
  4. I think the navy is pretty much gone although there is a navy patent Reissue if you're interested in that. They are in stores now.

    I *think* they were going to release the jumbo flap again in the black... have you tried CS?
  5. Nope, I don't think I can call them though cuz I'm in Canada.
  6. Few and far between, but there are some success stories:graucho:

  7. The navy Patent Reissues are in the stores? :love: Or did you mean the Metallic Navy?
  8. I would love a black patent jumbo!
  9. i am also in search of a navy patent jumbo. cliche though it is...i will do ANYTHING for one!
  10. me too..looking for the navy patent jumbo.. first time i saw in NM Fashion Island last October..someone is holding the bag and I was like...what an ugly blingy..and now i'm like head over heels for that bag... :shame: