Any black MC lovers out there?

  1. So, I'm obsessing over something in black MC ever since I got my first white MC piece (ended up getting the Lodge - smaller version - a couple days ago).

    I like the concept of black MC - but looking at pics online... it just doesn't seem as vibrant or pretty as white MC. Any black MC lovers out there? Do some styles look better in black MC than others?

    It seems like every style I look at just look better/pretter in white. :push: But I want black! Argh.
  2. I have a petite noe in Black MC!! I love it~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! I honestly think the noe looks cuter in black than white!!!!
  3. hahaha........i think the black mc looks so much better than the white, IMO, even though i have the mc white wapity, looks so muh better with a patina as well
  4. :love: Black MC Noe is exactly what I'm thinking of... I'll have to go look at your Visual Aid pics and let your pics enable me into buying. :biggrin:
  5. I have the black MC and I think it's great for people that like to wear black even in the summer. The bright colors on the black make it perfect for summer.
  6. I have a black MC pochette and it's fabulous!! Personally I don't care for light colored bags, even in summer, so I steer clear of anything white. I love the black MC - just enough flash for a smaller bag and since I wear so many plain colors it has a nice 'pop.'
  7. I love MC Black. I have a MC Black Rift. :tender:
    I have a MC White Heart Purse, MC White Cles.

    I love both MC Black and MC White. And for me, I've thought about what colors I love the most in each color. I'll share with you what my favorites are in each color. Yet I would be happy with any MC purse in either color. But just a favorites list for fun if I could have them all ;) (I might miss a few MC pieces, but don't mean to.)

    What I like in MC Black :yes:
    • MC Black Rift
    • MC Petit Noe
    • MC Black Trouville
    • MC Black Wapity
    • MC Black Keepall
    • MC Black Cozy Purse
    • MC Black Pochette Wallet
    • MC Black Aurelia
    • MC Black Audra
    • MC Black Pochette
    • MC Black PTI
    • MC Black Carnet de Bal
    What I like in MC White:yes:
    • MC White Heart Purse
    • MC White Alma
    • MC White Speedy
    • MC White Shirley
    • MC White Cles
    • MC White Pricilla
    • MC White Koala Wallet
    • MC French Purse
    • MC White Billfold Wallet
    What I like in both MC White and Black
    • MC Lodge
    • MC Eliza
  8. Petit Noe, Trouville, and Pochette!
  9. I first bought a white MC trouville which I loved then I felt that I "needed" a black MC too. So, I tried a bunch of the black MC in LV and went with the petite noe. It is such a great bag and I love the blues and deep purples in it. I use my black MC way more than my white.
  10. all the mc i own (trouville, pmb wallet, pochette, and wapity) are in black. i think that some styles look better in black than white. when i look at pictures online sometimes the black mc bags look sort of on the fake side. but in person the colors are so vibrant :smile:

    i think the noe would look amazing in black :smile:
  11. I also have the petite noe in black MC... I love it to bits! I think it looks better in black.
  12. I don't own any Black MC pieces and I was torn between both the white or black speedy and now I've decided I will save up for both. I saw the black one in real life on a person and it looked GORGEOUS!
  13. I like the black but I don't own anything in it. I hope to add both a white and black MC piece soon.
  14. I almost missed my flight due to being stopped so many times over the numerous compliments on my black mc keepall and how gorgeous it was! this lady was talking my ear off, she had a black mc boulogne and i wanted to talk because she knew her stuff but i had to be on a plane!

    get it!
  15. i love the MC line in both white and black. lets see in black I have the aurelia, keepall 45 and speedy. White does pop more but I still love the black.