Any Black Friday deals from LV?

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  1. I know LV doesn't do "Black Friday" specials (at least not that I know of) but I was just wondering in case I missed something.

    If anyone knows of any LV deals (that can be called "BF" special), please let us know :yes: !
  2. i doubt there are any

    i bought my Denim Neo-Speedy on Black Friday last year, and i paid full price for it :Push:
  3. ^^^ I thought so too :sad:

    But are there any "deals" for anything LV ? Even if it's from a re-seller or some store, etc. ?

    Just curious to see if there's something I haven't seen yet :yes:
  4. The only 'deal' I know of (but I've not tried it) is if you go to ****** and buy LV. ****** has a list of online stores where you can get cash back.

    But you must click on the link for eLuxury (or any other store) through ****** otherwise you don't get the cash back.

    The bonus is its not limited to black friday but at the same time I don't know when the deal ends or if its a permanent offer.

    Also since I've not tried it myself I can't give you a personal recommendation.
  5. OOhhh, thanks sooo much! I gotta try that! :yes:

    I did see that eLux is doing free shipping with some Promo Code.

    Aside from those, has anyone else seen some deals out there that maybe were not mentioned?

    (Even if it's $5, I'll take it! :yes:)
  6. what's the promo code for elux? :hysteric:
  7. $5 :roflmfao: are you desperate pouf?
  8. Promotion code is GOLD!
  9. Ok so GOLD for ELUX YAY! is it only today?

    I got this black friday email from KK :nuts: I wish the snow globe could be 50% off!

  10. next Monday will be ****** double cash back promotion... there is a thread all about it in the deals/steals thread. plus, the free shipping promotion on top of that. so you can eventually get at least 8% cash back when using ****** on that day, between the hours of 11am-3pm pacific time.

    otherwise, i do not know of any deal for getting LV any cheaper than that from an authorized retailer
  11. Wow :nuts: Thanks for the info. I heard that there is a "Cyber Monday" special that many people are also talking about. Any info about that?
  12. ^ poufiasse, cyber monday is the same thing. sorry, i should've mentioned that.

    basically, it just means that the promotion is double the cash back what it normally is... ****** for elux is 4%, but it will be doubled that day, during that specific time frame. i'm so excited, i've been holding off on elux purchases until then!

    ETA--the promotion is not only elux, but also a majority of the stores affiliated with ******. if you go to the ****** site, there's a list of stores. at least that's what Webec (she works for ******, i believe) posted in her thread.
  13. I'm gonna sign up for ****** now :yes: Thanks ! :P
  14. I think it's good through sometime in December!?!

  15. I think it says Sunday there. :yes: I might just a take a quuuuick peek :winkiss:

    Although I am saving up for my Speedy which will be dropping in stores in like 7-8 days? * fingers crossed * :rolleyes:
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