Any Black City w/ GGH out there?

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  1. I am dying for a black city w/ GGH. I was never really into the GGH but but the GGH bug bit me hard and now I must have one. lol.

    Is it really true Balenciaga will no longer be producing the GGH or will they still be selling them just at Balenciaga stores?

    If anyone has seen any lovely smooth black city w/ GSH, let me know.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. i am returning a black ggh city 08 to barneys next week ( i am away the weekend) i am getting older bag instead so can't keep both but hate to see the general public get their hands on this it was hard to find barneys had to have it sent from other is with me in nyc i will return it to madison ave\

    i am looking for amethyst ggh city OR part time! and black ggh part time
  3. Where did the OP go? Go get it girl before it is GONE!

    I just got my 08 GGH and it is TO DIE FOR! I love it! I hope you see this and get it:yahoo:
  4. if anyone sees a part time in black ggh let me knowwwwww
  5. I got mine at Barney's as well...right before Xmas. I was thrilled that it was an 07. The leather is too die for. I'd check with Barney's. I was told by Bal here that they will get black city bags with GGH in Feb. Only Bal will carry GGH bags.
  6. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies! :smile: I think I am going to wait until Feb when hopefully Bal gets in the 09 GGH. I am loving the 09 black leather so far and am glad to hear they might (hopefully!) be getting them in.