Any black caviar jumbos in stores yet??

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  1. I was looking to get a black caviar jumbo with silver hardware. Does anyone know, or have seen any, in stores again....or might know when they will receive a shipment? Preferably at Saks.

    Everywhere I call, the SA tells me they have been out of stock since before Christmas. Thanks so much!!! :flowers::flowers:

    Oh, and one last thing...if you have seen any, how is the leather? Stiff or smooshy?? TIA!!!
  2. I just saw one at BG in was the only one so try to call them and see if its still there. I saw it on the 2nd floor Chanel boutique.
  3. I thought this jumbo is classic and is available all the time.
  4. Hm, my mom got one a couple of weeks ago at the Chanel store in SF. I didn't think it was rare-- try calling the SF store. PM me if you need SA info.
  5. My NM SA told me that Chanel was going to be reshipping the black jumbos in February, so they should be showing up soon!
  6. Thanks so much ladies! Habanerita was able to find me one close to home...the last one in the store!!!
  7. I am waiting for NM to get their shipment! Every time I called the SF boutique, they said they are sold out too
  8. The Nordstrom in Topanga, CA has been saying that they've been out of caviar jumbos too, and that they don't know when they'll be getting a shipment.

  9. I just bought mine with GHW a week ago in NYC, but they had to ship the bag from Hawaii. And I got mine on Wednesday. Try calling the 57th st boutique, they might have stock of the SHW if you ask.
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    sorry accidently posted twice
  11. any UPDATE on this? I want to buy it in the store, not a phone order and I live in the SF area! I am too picky to buy a bag over the phone- where I cannot examine it! I want to make sure its perfect, thanks :heart:
  12. Are you still looking for it? My SA has it. Please PM me.