Any Black Caviar Classic Jumbo flap in silver H/W but older caviar?? PLS HELP~

  1. Hi, can i still find a chanel black classic caviar jumbo flap in silver h/w but older caviar? In other words, i DO NOT want those hologram starting with #110xxxx onwards.

    If yes, how much is the retail price now? lookin to purchase from USA or Europe....No singapore or asia since the price is higher.

  2. it's available in HKG at hkd 20,000+ it's actually comparable w US.
  3. oops, sorry, im not sure abt the serial number.. the ones they have might be a bit new , not the new caviar, but new stocks def.
  4. OIC, thanks for the above as my sis will be goin to HK for business trip, will see if she got time to check out the bag for me when she's there:love:
  5. Was the new matte caviar just introduced for the "11" serial numbers? What about "10"?
  6. yes, i'm looking for serial "10" or even older serial such as "9" or "8"....however, if it's "10", i'm more than happy. Btw, what is the retail price in USA and Europe??:flowers:
  7. I'm not sure about the US, but I think in Canada the jumbo costs around $2575 CAD...and US price should be around there too. I'm glad it's pretty much anything before "10", because the med/large classic flap that's on its way to me has an "8" serial number! :nuts:

    Sorry I can't help much, but GL with your search!
  8. Really? ok, thanks for the above. Will check out my SA in the USA.:love:
  9. What is the difference in the caviar...can someone please explain? I am sending my classic flap perf back to Neiman's to exchange for a caviar and I didn't know this was a consideration!!!
  10. Some Pfers have observed that the older caviar was more pebbled and "shiny" while the newer ones are more matte. It depends on individual preference anyway...I believe that it also boils down to the fact that every batch of caviar is different as the animal is different...
  11. Yeah, i agree it's individual preference. I usually prefer older caviar leather:flowers:
  12. I saw a few thread floating ard discussin abt the GST's bad quality....actually i'm not sure as i do own a GST but it was bought since last yr. As for the new ones, i do come across some pfers complaining abt the quality of the leather. Looks like there is no quality control from CHANEL or i wuld said it could be due to poor workmanship (due to cheap headcount, but most of them prefer to even buy bags that MADE IN FRANCE rather than MADE IN ITALY). Btw, if i'm not wrong, all the GSTs are MADE IN ITALY, that could be the reason:flowers: