any big sales coming soon???

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  1. Hey guys im always on the hunt for new designer handbags at good prices and recently I've had no luck at all my local tjmaxx and marshalls stores.. Does anyone know when the next neiman marcus ...nordstrom ...and bergdorf goodman sale is...i know back in April/May-ish they had awesome sales where i got a fendi and ysl bag at a very very good price...a lot.of handbags and shoes went on an amazing sale...anyways does anyone know.when.this is going on again ?? hopefully Nov ??
  2. Early dec.

    * EDIT - I was talking to a Bloomies SA today. I wasn't really listening but she told me for the month of October, depending on the amount you spend, you can get a giftcard up to 250 (i believe). You have to have their CC though. If you don't, it's only 10% right now but if I remember correctly, 250 off is not bad. I think it was off 1500. Don't quote me though. I was too busy looking at the Paraty to pay her much attention :smile:
  3. I think You are talking about Bloomingdales breast cancer charity promo. For Bloomingdales cardholders ONLY. You have to make $15 donation to charity. After that You will get 10% back in the form of gift card on all the money you spent (ONLY UP TO $2500 so max gift card $250) between sept 27 and Oct 31. This is on top of their regular points or double or triple points (whatever the promo and your card level)
  4. YES! thanks!