Any BIG bag gurl's out there?

  1. I love big bags, at this very moment I am waiting for the Griet Mono., everyone is saying that it is huge. I don't believe it is any bigger than the Tivoli GM everyone is breaking their necks to purchase. I saw it IRL and it is just ok. It looks like the new speedy with a larger handle and everyone will have it. I guess we will see in time. I will keep you gurls posted if I keep the Griet or return it.

  2. do you have any pictures of it to share?
  3. Your take on the Tivoli makes me laugh!! So true. I think I will carry mine for a few months and then sell it! post pics of your griet....
  4. As soon as it comes in I will.:okay:
  5. I am new to TPF, but I will share them soon.:okay:
  6. I love big bags. Most of my bags are on the large size. The Griet is a beautiful bag but I don't like bags that cannot be closed at the top. I am also not too sure about the length of the straps. They are a little on the long side for hand carry and too short for the shoulder. I would like to see some modelling pics of it.
  7. I had both the Griet and the Tivoli GM. The Griet isn't necessarily that much bigger, but it's much, much heavier and more awkward to put on the shoulder. I ended up keeping the Tivoli because I think it's much more practical and comfortable.
  8. My new fave is the Mahina XL.
    Im saving my money for it atm.
  9. thanx for your opinion. I will keep you posted.:wlae:
  10. I have the Ursula and she is too heavy, but way gorgeous. I got my name on waitlist for Tivoli PM. GM i can't do, but I bet it'll look fab on you. Post pic soon!
  11. Hmm I like the Griet, maybe more than the Tivoli, I wish the Tivoli had more structure to it, I'm also not too big on the long straps on it. The Griet is nice, but I loooooove the Mirage one the most! of course! hahaha I wish the other Griets had shorter straps. My favorite big bag is the Palermo GM! I'm aiming to get that for my bday, BUT I do wish it was bigger ;]

    My current wishlist is mostly big totes, Palermo GM, Saleya GM, Cabas Mezzo, Neverfull (MAYBE) just to name a few =]
  12. I just saw the Mirage Griet again today at Beverly Center and thought it was massive.
  13. I think the Mirage Griet is really gorgeous... and I like the Damier too. Also, the Palermo is nice, and the Ursula is on my "hit" list (and by hit, I mean "I Need" lol), but I agree with you -- the Tivoli isn't my favourite either.
  14. When my hubby & I were buying the Tivoli GM & Beverly GM as my XMAS presents the other week, he fell in love with the Griet and offered to gift it to me as well. I tried it on and had to turn him down:sad:. The griet is lovely & I'm a hardcore big bag fan but that thing is massive on me! Also quite heavy even when empty and the patent straps are hard (not likely to soften like vachetta). I already have the mirage speedy in bordeaux & I would choose it over the griet all over again.

    Also, I loved the Tivoli GM so much that I've schlepped it since the day I took it home even though I was supposed to wait until the 25th...he he he. If you're tall, lvgoddess you may be able to pull off the Griet. Post modeling pics for us when you receive it!
  15. Oops! Totally misread & thought you were talking about the mirage griet. IDK about the mono griet.