any biba left?

  1. i would love to buy the biba in GGmonogram. does anyone know if its available still at ur local store? ill be so happy if i can find one

  2. if someone can help me find this in return ill give you my revolve coupon $30 off $100 :graucho:
  3. there's one online right now in brown monogram guccissima :smile:
  4. they should have them at the holts in vancouver but it's not on sale
  5. yup, they do have them at holts in vancouver! i just went today!
  6. you should start calling every gucci store in the USA tomm morning...some pre sells might not have gone through...
  7. I just ordered the small BIBA from sax yesterday in the black monogram! im so excited thats exactly what I wanted! so you should try some SAX i've had MUCH more luck with them than the gucci stores!!
  8. The holts in TO have them on sale for $1299. To be clear - (I'm a gucci newb) it's not the horsebit hobo - it's the little one. Brown.
  9. I got an off white large leather GG biba on Neiman's on-line sale, it was around $1200. One might pop back on the site
  10. ohhhh man i want the white leather one (i got the brown mono one)..

  11. Congrats.... I love the white one