Any Berlingot fans?

  1. A fun bag when you want to go light weight, under arm or messenger style. It holds more than one would imagine.
    I like to carry a Berlingot inside my Birkin 40 cm when I travel. Then I can use it when I don't want to be weighted down with the Birkin. I put my wallet, cell phone, glasses case and make up in the Berlingot, put the Berlingot in the sleepy bag and then put it inside My Birkin. Still plenty of room in the Birkin for Ipod, book, sweater.
  2. Do you have pix G? I'm not familiar with the Berlingot.
  3. When husband returns, I will take pic of it inside Birkin.
  4. OH the Hermes Berlingot. I thought you were talking about the LV Berlingot. It looks cute.
  5. Love the subtle H on the shoulder strap. :yes:
  6. I love my Berlingot. it's one of Hermes most understated bags I think. It's a great everyday bag. Mines is potiron.
  7. here's a pic.
  8. So pretty...:heart: :heart: :heart: I have so many Hermes item I want!!!!! This forum is very dangerous;) :graucho: ! Just seeing other members' pictures gives me strong craving... I need Berlingot now!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh!! Why Do You Torture Me So!!!!
  10. nice bag, bagg
  11. I love the Berlingot! I saw a gold ostrich Berlingot in NYC a few years ago and have kicked myself ever since for not purchasing it that day. It was gorgeous and so functional!
  12. Love it!
  13. Thanks for this thread because I'd never heard of the Berlingot before and think it is a great everyday choice. I think the H straps are so clever and understated. Does anyone have pricing info?