Any Belt Bag owners? Need honest feedback/opinions

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  1. The Belt Bag has been in my radar since it released last year. I was told by the SA this combo (in medium) is currently on sale right now. Normally I am not a 'color block' person. Yet I am very tempted with this particular one as these 3 colors are my fav colors! I think the color block is a nice neutral combo which I won't get bored easily. Somehow, I am still on the fence.....I tried to read reviews on this bag and hadn't find much feedback so far. For some reasons this bag is not that popular I guess. Wondering if any of you own it, how do you like it so far? Pros and cons in terms of style, leather quality, functionality?
    For those who pass on it, any particular reasons? I read from some blogs/comments that people are not interested in this shape/style, so I am willing to hear honest feedback from you too.
    Belt Bag.jpg
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    purchased online recently but have not used it .Debating on returning it for different color. I have the charcoal (small) -just not sure if i am crazy about blue interior since you can see it. I always see a bag in person before I buy but made the leap without seeing it in person, I was pleasantly surprised, Very nice quality- love the leather ,size and weight of the bag, It seems very durable . I plan on using it as my work / everyday bag,. Like you I found very little reviews, It does not seem to be popular, however I like the fact not everyone has it.
  3. I am interested as well in any feedback on this bag. I’m considering it as a work bag but it looks like it lacks interior pockets which I think might annoy me.
  4. E96110EE-C983-48EA-BA49-EB910F1A81E4.jpeg

    Sorry for the work pic, but it’s all I had on my phone.

    I got the belt bag in the small size last October. I love this bag. I’m not a “color block person” either, but these colors go together so well it hasn’t bothered me. I like it.

    There are two pockets in the inside on the front and back of the bag. They have magnetic closures. Good for small things like keys.

    This is one of my favorite bags. The leather is really tough. I scraped it on a brick wall passing by and there wasn’t even a scratch. The only wear and tear has been the edge coating on one part of the belt where it goes into one of the holes. Not a big deal.

    I wish there were more reviews on this bag online. There wasn’t much on YouTube.
  5. I have the this bag in the medium black and I love it. I wear to work at least twice a week and I like the pockets on the inside for my phone, pens and small stuff. It’s not heavy with all my stuff in it and it keeps its shape. I am thinking of getting a different colored belt to change it up. I want another medium one or get the small size.
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  7. This is a really really nice bag. Burberry leather is tough and can withstand daily wear no trouble. Love it!
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  8. Just curious if you ended keeping / returning it? I am now thinking about charcoal grey color, but like you I am not sure whether I will like the baby blue interior....
  9. I just pulled the trigger on the Bright Military Red (small size) after lusting over the Belt Bag since they came out. This is the first colour combo that I just HAD to have, as it fills a hole in my bag collection! Can't wait for it to arrive!

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  10. I want this bag for work too, did you have a hard time deciding between small and medium?
  11. No. I tried the medium on in the boutique and it was too big for an everyday bag. If you’re using it just for work, the medium may be a good size. The small doesn’t fit my lunch or laptop.

    The proportions on the medium size are really nice. I just couldn’t justify a bag I would just use for work or travel.
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  12. I bought the medium blindly, wow it’s a big bag but I have to carry a laptop and documents frequently so this works great for me! The leather is verrrry soft, I’m going to condition and spray it before I get to use it. Very happy about it so far and it smells amaaaaazing
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  13. Mine still has that leather smell too. It’s really one of my favorite bags now.

    Glad you like the medium! I wouldn’t mind getting another in that size.
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