any beige ultimate soft owner?

  1. how do you like the color? is it high maintenance? is it holding up well? any regrets about it? i would love the blk one, but doesn't seem like i can find it anywhere, so i'm considering the beige.
  2. I love the lilac, which I saw in another thread. Do you guys know where they're available? Thanks.
  3. I just got the large black one. I'm deciding whether or not to keep it. I have two issues. One is how well the leather will hold up since it's lambskin. The other is how the shape one the bottom will hold up since it's so soft and not reinforced.
  4. where did you buy it from? i'm THISCLOSE to buying a small blk one, though i really want the med. , speaking of which, do you have the med. $1475 or the large unstitched ultimate soft? let me know what you decide, i am totally head over heels in love with this bag.
  5. i saw a beige one on eBay a few weeks ago and it was quite badly stained. There were bluish color transfers on both sides of the bag.. So i reckon its quite hard to maintain. :shame:
  6. OH NO, this doesn't help :sad:
    i think the blk is completely sold out
  7. takeoutbox, sorry i haven't replied to msg. but I do have the Ultimate soft in the medium black quilted that you mentioned. The $1475 one. It is slightly higher maintenance because it is lambskin.

    A trick I found out to keep its shape (aside from storing it stuffed) is to use a Chanel dustbag and fill it with paper stuffing, just a little, to provide a soft base. Then put all your stuff on it. It will look like how it is displayed on your shoulder! It'll preserve the slouchy shape but not cave in the middle.

    However, I don't recommend you buying the beige one. The beige will show creases and stains SO much easier than black. If you want lambskin to withstand wear longer, always opt for dark colors. The color is lovely, but the gloss and sheen of beige lambskin doesn't last very long. You can ask a Pfer here named Goldenx5s she has the beige one and she can tell you about it.
    I love my black ultimate soft. Which stores did you ask? Did you try NM and Saks? I know the boutiques are all out.
    So my advice, go for the black quilted.

  8. hi absolutanne
    i called everywhere, nm and Saks, and the small blk was all i managed to find. i know it's about 2 inches smaller all around than the med. one, do you thnk iit's too small? i would've loved for the med one, but i've totally given up, it's unlikely that i will find it anywhere at this point.