any bday freebees?

  1. Ok so I know I have heard of places giving discounts to you on your bday or giving you free things...but what places exactly do this? :P
  2. i know victorias secrets sends you a card for like $10 to use in their store or catalog or online but you have to have a vs card with them
    thats all i know
  3. macy's gives you free shipping...
  4. Brooks Brothers sends you a $20.00 gift card
  5. I received cards from DSW $5 off and $10 from Origins for my b-day.
  6. Cold Stone Cremery has their birthday club....
  7. woohoo!
    wheres jill? I think she mentioned something about Neimans giving you something for your bday in another thread
  8. Saks used to send out gift cards ranging from $5-$500 on cardholder b-days but they stopped doing that for a few years now...:sad:
  9. Todai seafood buffet gives you a free lunch/dinner on your actual birthday.
  10. Loehmann's gives you an extra 15% off on your bday.