Any bbag in tabac

  1. Can anyone post pictures of any bbag in Tabac? I've been seeing different versions of this colour. Some are reddish. Some are more brown.

    What's better, Tabac City or Tabac Twiggy? or both too boring? I want a fun coloured bag!
  2. I just got the Brief in Tabac. I wouldn't say that this a fun's very practical and easy to match clothes with, though. My FI was with me when I bought the bag and he calls it very "vintage looking" - I agree!
  3. Here's my City!! Soooo smooshy!!! :graucho:

    Sienna City and Black City 033.jpg Sienna City and Black City 035.jpg
  4. ^^^gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  5. Oh man, I had just talked myself out of a Sienna/Tabac bag for now too... :wtf:
  6. So YUMMMMMMMMMM :drool::tup:
  7. purse-Ooooh, yours is TDF..... OMG!
    I agree that it is a stunning vintage looking color, easy to match. I don't think it is boring, but rather a zippy modern neutral! I think City vs Twiggy depends on which shape works best for your needs. Both will be great, imho!
  8. :drool: Gorgeous! I :heart: the wrinkly leather
  9. :wtf: :drool: Delish!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I say city... personal preference really... I prefer twiggys in lighter brighter colors... keep us posted! the Tabac/sienna is an amazing vintagey color!

    Purse-Oooh... your sienna city is gorgey!
  11. Thanks everyone! I saw those wrinkles and that was it for me!!! I :heart::heart::heart: it!! Of course "Tooshies" was once again a terrible influence! Off to the store to pick up some Ramen noodles!! :winkiss: