Any Bay SHoulder Bags on Sale at NM?

  1. Hey Girls,

    I really am liking the Bay Shoulder Bag (messenger style) and would love it in the Whiskey color, but have only seen on in their black patent for $1375? Is this bag too new to be on sale?

  2. Nordstrom's is having a sale. You can call them and tell them the style bag you want and they could locate it for and with the sale price:yes:. I"ve dealt with a few sales associates at Nordstrom, here are their numbers in case you are interested in trying them (you have to ask for the handbag department):

    Megan 323-930-2230 LA
    Louisa 201-843-1122 NJ
    Georgette 408-248-2180 San Jose
    Katelyn 206-628-1255 Seattle
  3. I'm suddenly interested in the Bay shoulder bag too. :graucho: Are there any available online anywhere? (I'm in Australia!)