Any bay area residents remember old valley fair...malm luggage/lv?

  1. Hey need your memories...

    My mom and I were talking about my old keepall (bought 25 years ago this month)....

    She is sure we bought it at Malm's luggage, which did have a huge LV luggage display in their window when they were on Forest Ave, by I.Magnin. But I am doubtful they ever really sold LV.

    I was sure we bought it at Macy's Valley Fair. In my mind's eye I can see the corner LV counter with it's gleaming wood counters and display cases. But she was sure, while LV was sold at Macy's, it wasn't until a few years later.

    We were devbating it today...when she through a monkey wrench in my memory...and said, "wait! wasn't that the year we did your back to school shopping at Stanford?" which means it could have come from Neimen's.

    Anyone remember that far back? When did LV come to Macy's VF? Did Malm's ever sell LV?

  2. ^^
    I remember the old Valley Fair when it used to be an outdoor mall. I'm not sure if I remember Malm's luggage but I do remember seeing an LV counter at Valley Fair Macy's. I use to think LV was ugly because I didn't like the brown color and all of the LV's all over the bag....and I remember my friend's mom had a Speedy. Now I'm addicted to LV and it only started about 4 years ago - I'm a slow starter!

    What high school did you go to? I went to Wilcox in Santa Clara (grew up in Sunnyvale).

    Actually, was Malm's luggage on the second floor of Valley Faire when it became an indoor mall? Maybe on the side where the old Emporium was? Maybe I'm confused....
  3. I can't remember TT, but I know that I Magnin DID sell LV. I don't ever remember Macy's selling it anywhere. (I miss I Magnin!)
  4. Oh gosh, my mom always talks about shopping at I Magnin!
  5. Thanks everyone for trying to remember...I do know Macy's VF sold it for sure. They had a really nice corner....just can't remember when it came in.

    Rebecca, I magnin and J magnin were amazing! I still have clothes from both I am not surprised your mom still talks about them. J magnin went out around 1982 or 83, but I magnin was around until about 1990. I miss both stores.
  6. Bump for the am Cali residents (or past residents ;) )
  7. I remember Macy's - Valley Fair selling LV. While in college, my ex-BF purchased a Speedy 35 for me as a christmas present back in '88 or '89. I'd originally picked out a Speedy 25 but it seemed too small and went for the larger Speedy instead. Macy's - Valley Fair also used to sell Gucci. I distinctly remember my mother purchasing a Gucci shoulder bag for me from Macy's - Valley Fair in the early 90's.
  8. I bought my first LV piece from Malm's back in the 70's, I.Magnin's in 80's, and my last memory of the very first Damier Trousse in 1989 from Macy's.:shrugs:
  9. ^^^on, mean my mom might be right....ack! I hate when that happens! I was so sure LV wouldn't be Malm's!

    Thanks so much!

    Anyone else....please, keeping adding your memories
  10. Yes, my mom and I bought several Gucci's problem remembering those...even in the late 70's, early 80's...but she was sure Gucci was there way before Vuitton.
  11. My granny used to shop at I. Magnin in S.F. and I'd go with her when I was reallllly little. I remember sitting on overstuffed sofas that were on the most plush carpet EVER, while my beloved Granny tried on what were (then) plus sized clothes. This was in the late 60's. The salesgirls would give me lollipops and I remember them being these beautiful hippie-ish girls with long silky hair, wearing mod little mini dresses and boots. It was totally cool. I remember one time my Granny got this incredible sheath with matching coat there, in this embroidered silk in a pale blue. I remember later on she wore it to a cousin's wedding with white gloves.
  12. What a fun memory...yes back then, she probably went to 'the city' for all her shopping :smile: Did you take the train?
  13. Yes, any major shopping would be done in the "the city". I grew up in SF and Daly City and even after moving to SJ in the late 70's, any major shopping had to be done in "the city". I remember dragging my mother all over downtown SF looking for the perfect prom dress. To this day, my mother and I make it a point to take off a day from work every 3 - 4 months or so for a day of fun and shopping in downtown SF.
  14. So does she! Lol. She used to shop there a lot, between what you both have said about it, it makes me wish one was still around to see what it was like.
  15. Actually we drove in... my grandma had a white t-bird with dark red interior!