Any Basset Hound people out there?

  1. My husband and I are considering adopting a basset hound or basset mix.... The dog we are currently considering is a beagle/basset mix (they call her a Bagle :P). I've done a lot of reading about the breed, but would love to hear some first hand accounts.... Thanks!
  2. I have a basset mix :smile: She is the sweetest and goofiest dog ever. Good nurtured with people, but kind of gets *****y with the new dog... she's a bit dominant. She's not extremely hyper or anything- loves to just play with her toys and run around in circles with them growling like a little mad man. The only complaint is that it took her about a year to finally stop peeing on the kitchen floor- but I'll attribute that to the fact she was a shelter dog living out of a refrigerator when we got her.

    Her feet turn out like a little penguin :P
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