Any Balenciaga Taupe owners? (esp 05). More grey or taupe?

  1. I ask because I have been eyeing one online that in one set of shots looks like a nice grey, and in direct sunlight, looks more like a beige colour.

    Its the city Taupe 05. Anyone has this colour? I can understand that it looks different depending on the light but overall how does it look to you?

    Is it versatile? One minute I'm thinking yes, the next I'm thinking 'eh - its kinda bland' :shrugs:
  2. I own a Taupe shoulder, and I absolutely :heart: :heart: :heart: the color. It really is versatile, and subtly sophisticated as well :love:
  3. thanks! now the hard question: is it more like a beige/wheat colour or a more cooler toned grey?
  4. It's between a warm grey and a dark beige, really neutral and stunning. The current Sandstone color is quite similar. In some light it seems grey, in others, almost a cool caramel. I like this color for its chameleon qualities.
  5. thanks slinks! is your taupe from the 05 collection? i have one i'm eyeing to possibly get but can't decide which I would prefer, the 05 taupe or the sandstone 07

    (bear in mind, I like the FINISH and texture of a leather bag first, the colour second). (i like the very matte smooshy finish ones over the newer shiny slightly waxier ones that are around now).

    I'm wondering if I should go for the taupe 05....
  6. 07 leathers are nicer than 06, generally, but 05 are much softer and smooshier. If you can get your hands on a nice 05 Taupe, by all means, do that :yahoo:
    The leather is amazing, and I can't say enough about the color :yes:
  7. lol!! ok thanks slinks i'll let you know if it works out :yes:
  8. i've got the '05 taupe Men's Day:

    at certain lights it looks like a very light khaki green, but most of the time its like a beigey-grey or "greige" colour. at first i wasn't sure if the colour is versatile enough. but once i got mine, it turns out to be very neutral. i have to agree that the '05 leathers are the best and smooshiest. go get it!
  9. Thanks for the pic deluxeduck. Now I know exactly what it looks like. To be honest, its very close/similar to Sandstone 07 no?
  10. Yes, it is, but I stick to the conviction that 05 leather is superior :smile:
  11. it does have certain similarities with Sandstone. but i concur with Slinks... nothing beats '05 leather :yes:
  12. There is actually an 05 Grey Purse and I think a Taupe City on eBay now
  13. I know. And someone did the Buy It Now :cursing:

    Sokay though, there will be other past season bags on eBay....