Any bags on your wish list

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  1. I have to say I may have reached my quota on Tory Burch bags, maybe I'm not bag hungry lol. The only things I have on my wish list are clothes.:P
  2. I will ask a mod to merge the two threads. I ordered the Cross Hatch tote in Ivory. Will post pics when it arrives. I'm not into small bags but this was too cute to resist.
  3. The Tory Burch Kira crossbody!
  4. just bought what was on mine for a while and constantly get complements: Marion Quilted tote in pale apricot
  5. That's what I'm picking up! I love that bag; the color is sooo beautiful.
  6. bombe t medium slouchy satchel, love the T embossed on the front of the bag :biggrin:

  7. Photos when you get it!
  8. that bag still in my wishlist :P
    I'm waiting for my robinson perforated multi tote and marion chain shoulder slouchy tote, will come on june :biggrin:
  9. Tory burch thea bags !
  10. I'm really loving the simplicity of the Harper Messenger right now. I have a $50 promo card and a 30% discount code but the bag isn't in stock at either of my usual locations.
  11. Mercer Degrade Tidal and Spiced Coral, Fleming in Light Oak, Thea center zip tote and carl the crab coin pouch
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  12. Berkley do not do it justice!! I saw IRL a couple of days ago and that color block handle is gorgeous! It looks like it will be the perfect work + travel bag

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  13. I really want the Gemini Shoulder Bag, but I haven't really read any reviews about it.
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  14. I saw this a few days ago, I was eyeing the black with gold hardware but was unimpressed with the quality of the leather.
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