Any bags in Dublin?

  1. My DH is off to Dublin for a few weeks and has agreed to take my shopping list - after weeks of 'gentle persuasion' - he has agreed to buy one of my wish list bags. I have shown him the threads with all the other very generous OH, SO and DH and he has finally succombed. So does anyone know what he can expect to find? I orginally wanted a 37cm Bolide, however the list has grown:smile:, so he now has several bags to choose from - after the wonderful bags you lucky ladies have scored this week, I have been adding to my list. Many thanks
  2. Last week I saw there absolutely beautiful Bolide in new Rouge. It was just stunning. May be it is still there. ;) Good luck!:flowers:
  3. I am so excited - do you know what size and what leather the Bolide was in? Supposed to be working, but keep returning to this forum to look at leathers, colours, designs etc.
  4. How neat! I have never been to Dublin, maybe someone will post some of the latest sightings there in the "Inventory" thread.
  5. Sorry, I did not ask,:Push: but I as far as I remember leather was grainy so may be it was Clemance ? Size wise I am not sure .It was not small.:smile: I hope it is still there. It was very nice indeed.:yes:
    Also, they had a small Kelly in BJ/PH, again I am not sure if it was 25 or 28.
    Constance PH in Natural Chamonix,
    Bolide 31 in Vert Anis and I think in Clemance,
    and absolutely stunning Bolide in Vert Anis Ostrich, PH. :heart: :tender:
    Bolide in new Rouge was bigger then the Vert Anis ones.So may be it was 37?:graucho:
    I hope your DH will came back not empty handed and will have a good time shopping. ;) Hermes SA are just wonderful in Dublin.
  6. Oh good grief - rouge and vert anis, so many thanks. I am off to pack his bags right now :smile:
  7. I am going into hermes tomorrow ....last week they had a gold bolide not sure of size bigish though .... i willpost whats there tomorrow evening...:smile:
  8. Many thanks, I am stunned by the spirit of generosity and camardarie of everyone on this forum. I am seriously tempted to fly over myself - just checked flights £0.99 one way!! Am becoming slightly obsessive about obtaining a Bolide....
  9. Where are you ? You can pm me if you like ?
  10. Is the Dublin Hermes inside Brown Thomas? It's been a while since I've been over and I can't remember....
  11. yeah its still in brown thomas !:smile: when were you last there ? its my local!
  12. I was over last November.....and way overdue for a return. It's funny, I've purchased LV at the boutique in Brown Thomas, and saw the Hermes scarves, but I never noticed any bags! Now it's DEFINITELY time for a return!!
  13. They have great bits there:smile: only a month ago they had a fushia lizard kelly 28' fab but too small for me! you can be very lucky there....
  14. I'll be sure to PM you before I head over and we can have a PF pint! :yes:
  15. That is a deal....... I know just the place....:yahoo: