Any bag to recommand for my 21st birthday next month/

  1. I'm looking at neverfull and ursula...
    I like them both cos I want a BIG bag... I need to put my little girl's stuffs whenever we go out, so it will be use as a diaper bag too. I totally love the ursula. But I keep thinking that it's not suitable as a diaper bag. When I saw the neverfull picture, I was thinking "thats the one!".. :nuts: I'll be using the bag to carry laptop around too... but looking at the neverfull straps, it looks thin. :crybaby:

    Is there any other bag that can work as a diaper bag too? Or is neverfull a good choice? ;)
  2. What about the Damier Hampstead? No vachetta( babies can be messy:sweatdrop:) and roomy enough as a diaper bag.
  3. Neverfull really works well to throw a ton of things in. The handles are thinner but they seem very durable to me thus far. Or, you could always just get the mini lin diaper bag too, unless it's not your style. That thing is pretty big IMHO.
  4. the neverfull is a good choice!
  5. I'd for for either an MC Ursula or Aurelia MM.
  6. Howbout The Marylin?
  7. Manhattan GM? The neverfull is a good choice though. AWhat about a mezzo or cabas? xx
  8. Ursula
  9. I'm for the MC RITA or the neverfull.
  10. Hmmmm, my husband is totally against the mini lin diaper bag as he thinks that it's made of cloth and thus easier to get dirty.. especially with a baby around.

    Damier Hampstead sounds good...

    As for Aurelia MM, I dont know why but I dont like the overall look of it. ;/

    Can Manhattan GM be carry on the shoulder?
  11. Neverfull has a great price and it's multifunctional, so if you want a practical bag and that's all it's perfect. However it's probably going to end up on many many hands in not too long, so if you want something unique I'd go for something else. =)
  12. the hampstead is a good choice especially if you have a baby.
  13. The Beverly GM is a gorgeous bag that fits a tonne!
  14. neverfull or hampstead!
  15. i think the ursula is hard to carry on the shoulders (but then again i'm a big girl) and i think you will need to really watch out for the vachetta too.

    i say get the hampstead or saleya! neverfull is nice too.