any bag that is simliar to the Reissue?

  1. I have wanted to get my hands on a Black or grey reissue for ages ! was going to bid for one on eBay, but my partner is determined that i will get cheated on eBay! so now, i am just thinking is there any bag that has the similar look of the reissue? i might just as well order one from a Chanel store and save me the headaches of worrying about buying itmes on eBay :shrugs: Since i am no expert in Chanel bags...:wtf:
  2. They are releasing a black metallic reissue for fall. I would save your money and wait to get one from the boutiques. I suggest getting on a waitlist for it though.:yes:

  3. Ohh that sounds beautiful, Mon! Have you seen any pics of it in lookbooks??
  4. The diamond shine flap has the same turn lock and patent quilting as say the patent reissue... if you like patent.
    It's so pretty IRL... I have the same one pic'd below. The chains are like the classic flap and there is no double flap => MORE SPACE. I can fit my long Gucci Guccissima wallet in it.
    This is Jennifer's
  5. What size did you want?