Any bag for work would you recommend for me?

  1. I have been a bag freak - but till now I can't find an ideal bag for work. Big enough for documents and light weighted, preferably for shoulder...any recommendations?:wlae:
  2. Some of my fav work bags are YSL Muse XL, LV Cabas Mezzo, Saleya MM or GM, Luco, I love the way the Epi Sac Plat looks as well but's handheld only. Lots of PFers also swear by the Chanel Cerf Tote for work.
  3. I use a Gucci medium shopper tote in black for work.
  4. A tpfer, annemerrick, has this site which she runs out of Hong Kong. What do you think of her Roxanne bag?

    Treasure Bath Website

    Treasure Bath Website
    Tote $72
    treasurebath roxanne bag.jpg
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Tod's New D-Bag Media
    2. Marc Jacobs Leather Tote
    3. Marc Jacobs Quilted Tote
    4. Prada Pleated Tote

    Hope you find the perfect work bag soon!

  6. I'm not sure Balenciaga is big enough but their bags are light weight leather. :yes: A tote would be a good idea as well.
  7. I'm using a Balenciaga City for work, and it's perfect for me - can hold letter sized folders. If you need something bigger, the Balenciaga Work is a good option too.

    I totally agree with the Chanel Cerf tote option suggested above - I was looking at that one too, but wanted something a bit more fun for work, so I went with the Bbag.

    LV also has some nice ones: Passy GM in Epi, Lockit Horizontal and Poppincourt Haut.

    I don't like the YSL Muse - the base is crazy wide, and the shape makes it a bit hard to find stuff in there for work. My personal faves are Balenciaga, LV or Chanel.
  8. For work, I recommend a YSL Muse in the Large size (or Oversize if you like big bags) and the Chloe Edith. It really depends on what your work environment is like. For me, it's very conservative so I don't use bags with lots of tassles (like Balenciaga) or bags that have signature logos on them. Good luck!
  9. A hidden gem are Longchamp bags. Understated elegance with durability and chic classic style. Love em!
  10. Plus, Longchamp bags don't scream "MONEY" or "bling bling"... this might be a good thing if you want to look polished but don't want people to think you are making too much money to give you a raise in the future.
  11. I have killed the thought for that Gucci bag. It is too huge for me...
  12. ITA. Longchamp is amazing and timeless.

    On the other hand, if ya wanna announce "LV," for example, the Cabas Mezzo is wonderful:
    it's 19" L x 13" H x 6" deep. The zip top is a huge bonus, IMO.
  13. I finally got a Prada pleated tote. It is a good pick. The bag has very strong character!
  14. congrats!