any bad experiences using GST?

  1. i just bought the GST, it's nice, however, since it's doesn't fully zipped, aren't you guys ever afraid someone can steal something, or you might drop something out of the bag? I know I can be paranoid.
  2. I love the GST - have three with one more to add to my collection of GSTs, so I am a big fan. I just keep it under my arm if I am walking in a crowded area where someone could reach inside. Otherwise no issues.....:smile:
  3. If I'm going to be in NYC (or anywhere else metro) I always carry a zip-top bag since I do worry about pickpockets etc., but I am firmly in Mommy-land most of the time and the GST is fine for errand-running, shopping, etc.
  4. Ive been looking for a GST, do you know where i can get one? it's not available in some parts of Italy, will be checking Rome tom.. what abt in the US? i can ask a cousin to gget one for me, thanks....
  5. Anything valuable I always zip up in the middle compartment.
  6. I don't worry much about pick pockets... I think it'd be hard to stick your hand in my tote while it's under my arm to get out my big fat wallet! But maybe I underestimate the skill of thieves.

    My complaint: The thing is heavy. After a few hours of shopping, I feel like I need a massage for my poor shoulders!
  7. Annie - is it heavy even when empty or is it because of what you carry? I am looking at a GST more seriously now - but I can't handle heavy bags. This is one thing I like about my saleya - it's light, but I don't overload it.
  8. Thanks for your responses. You guys been helpful. Even w/o anything inside, I kind of find the bag still a bit heavy. So if you load it up, it's definitely gets heavier. And I don't even mean overloading it.
  9. I know there are some GST lovers who say the tote itself isn't that heavy when you don't load it up, but I personally find it very heavy for a handbag. I usually only have my wallet, cell phone, keys, and maybe a small make-up bag and I still find it quite hefty.
  10. i carry alot of things all the time-hence my tendency twd big bags, but i find the GST quite light. i know some may disagree but thats just my opinon. i carry it when i walk around NYC all the time and it doesnt seem to be a problem. the only "accident" i had was whne i carried to to the movie theater, and i placed the GST on my lap..then i dropped a napkin so i bent over to pick it up, forgetting the GST is on my lap, and all the contends in my bag fell out..haha...:push:

    since then, i always rembered not to bend over with the GST...haha..:p
  11. I normally carry big bags fully loaded and I found the GST to be very heavy and awkward to deal with - sold it after using it for 2 days on a business trip. :push:
  12. many bags can get heavy with a lot of stuff...sometimes my LV speedy gets heavy and that bag is very light...i dont think the gst is heavy at all imo...its like all my other bags
  13. :tup: Me too. Otherwise, I never worry about using my GST. I love it!
  14. I love the GST - just use it to your comfort level...

    and remember just because it is big - doesn't mean it has to be filled up. I find it comfortable and oh so stylish. :graucho:
  15. Ooo, great to know! I've been contemplating about getting one soon too. Thanks :tup: