any Babybjorn/ Belle baby carrier user?

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  1. I'm debating which one to get....both seems pretty good. I just ordered a sleepywrap also. anyone has any comments on babybjorn/belle baby carrier?
  2. We're definitely getting a BabyBjorn, but then again.. that's all that's available here. (In about ten models or so.) :smile:
  3. I prefer the Beco Butterfly II and Angelpack LX anyday. They're far more comfortable and versatile.
  4. I have the Baby Bjorn and it lasted through six girls. It finally broke a month ago, so I immediately went and bought a new one; it's worth it for sure.

    I also have a maya wrap which I love. :heart:
  5. I had a Bjorn. I didn't like using it until I had my husband help me adjust the straps/back. Once I did that I loved it.
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    are they (Beco & Bjorn) both good for holding my 5 wk old? I'm looking for something with good neck support!!

    btw - anything for the belle?? reason I ask is I saw angelina jolie using it...looks good!!! hahaha
  7. The baby bjorn was a lifesaver for us. Our oldest daughter would love to be carried around in it! We lived in London at the time and using the tube with a stroller was out of the question. This way she would be nice and snug in the bjorn and we wouldn't have to worry about lugging a heavy stroller up and down the stairs!!! Not to mention how crowded the tube was so that was another reason that we loved the baby bjorn!