any baby paddy owners out there?


Jul 30, 2006
I just received a brand new anthracite baby paddy... and it's soooo cute! I got it for a steal from an ebayer I know and trust, and I was planning to resell it... but it's so darn cute!

I'm wondering if it's too small to be practical for anything other than evening?
it depends what you need to carry around :smile:

I manage with a wallet, mobile keys and a lipbalm most of the time, so its perfect for me, but if you need alot of stuff, then use it for evening. Keep it, I love the mini's ;)
if you're not talking about the clutch, then i think it has tons of space. it was bigger than i had expected. i can fit quite a bit. i love it soo much. congrats on your new purchase.
My bag is actually the mini satchel, not the clutch. I'm not sure if it's called the baby paddy or the mini paddy, but it's a miniature version of the larger classic satchel, with the padlock.

I love the clutch though and hope to get one some day!:heart:
I'm trying to figure out the difference between baby and mini. I've seen the baby with strap and without, and the mini describing both a satchel and a clutch?! Can anyone explain what the differences are, or point me to a thread about it? I want a metallic bleu nuit in a small size, but not the clutch and need help to figure out which one.:wondering