Any "avelle" codes???

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    I am looking in desperation for any kind of coupon codes or promos for "AVELLE" or what used to be called "Bag Borrow, or Steal" If anyone has something I would be oh so grateful ;)

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  3. I don't think they ever do them---I contacted someone from there recently because with the tax and shipping it added 24 dollars to my item. They said they don't have codes for the Outlet. They might for renting though.
  4. If you are on their mailing list, they generally send discount codes every once in awhile through e-mail. I got a few in December and just recently received a $30 off the next rental last week (but that might be because I rented something last month).
  5. If you register with Avelle and enter in your email address, they will email discount codes, but it is based upon the amount you spend. When I was renting alot, I would get code after code. Now that it's a recession :rolleyes:, and I haven't used them as much, NO CODES emailed!

    Here's a tip for time I wanted to rent something but had no code so I actually called the service center and asked for a code to use, and they gave me a discount! I think it was minimal, like free shipping or something, but at least it was something!

    You can also try They often have good codes for Avelle.
  6. Lucky magazine always has disscount codes for renting, look out for them on the very last pages of the magazine. I think Shape does as well but I am not sure.
  7. Thanks everyone! When I saw thir sale to actually purchase I got so excited. But the more I looked, there wasn't that great a deal between them and when the other sites have sales. I've never renyed from them~what kind of condition do the bags come in after they have been rented out?

    Thanks so much.....I love this board :heart:
  8. Try:

    SAVE20 (for $20 credit towards 1st item when you upgrade)
    Luxury7387 (for $50 towards rental)
    1WEEKFREE (for one week rental free on your first rental)

    no expiration dates listed- good luck ladies!