Any Australians received their paddys from NAP yet?

  1. As above :P

    I'm so impatient!
  2. kap, I haven't received mine. Its still in transit.:sad:
  3. mine is stuck in customs!!! :sad:
  4. Customs??? oh no! we might have to pay taxes. Crap!
  5. I received my Aubergine this morning. I confirm my shipping on everyone should receive their bags soon.
  6. water_daisy did u pay australians customs and GST?? how much for the aubergine?? please let me know. so i won't have a heart attacked.
  7. there's been alot of speculation about this - some people are being asked to pay customs charges by DHL customer service people (who are just juniors after all and get things wrong), but you don't have to!

    here's the word from a DHL employee who's also a vogue forum member..:
    "go to DHL front desk, ask for your shipment, open it, and in there it will have a NAP invoice (I've ordered from NAP twice before). They will then see the amount paid for the bag.
    Under no circumstances should they include postage. Demand to see a customs broker, don't them rip you off."

    and this is from someone who spoke to a custom officer/broker friend:
    "Both confirmed that the shipping cost should not be included in the price. Which is good news to all! therefore, the value should fall below the Low Cost Goods Customs Threshold which specifies that for a good imported by post below $1000, there is no customs duty to be paid on it.
    In fact, the value SHOULD be the value which you paid for the good, because we are purchasing it from an ONLINE STORE so that will be the VALUE of the goods as it was an arms length transaction and that is how much we got the bag for or that it is worth on the website.

    The shipping cost is ONLY taken into consideration in the calculation of the tax payable IF the imported good(s) value over $1000 (accordingly BELOW the threshold).

    Now, SOMETIMES, DHL does a bit of the 'dodgy' especially IF the good is VERY close to $1000 - so pretty much all of us, especially Aubergine paddy owners will fall into that category. They will try to charge tax. WHETHER they take the receipted amount (amount which u pay for) or if you're really unlucky and they're really dodgy, will take the so-called market value ($2600).

    In both cases, CONTEST THIS! "

    take heart fellow aussies! it'll be alright....
  8. Thanks Holly, You made my day!
  9. sorry for the late reply. I was not asked to pay any tax. I dont think DHL would do anything"dodgy". the exchange rate is determined by Australian customs and it can make a dif if the Aus$ drops but its been pretty stable at about .403 ish?
  10. I am not Australian, but for various reasons I got into studying Australian customs systems and I clearsly remember that shipping charges are subject to import taxes. Do not ask me why.. I could not fund the very clear reference where I read this, but I found this page from Australian customes and from the examples down on the page you can see that shipping charges are part of the sum on which import duties are calculated: When buying over the internet

    By the way, this happens to me here in Italy as well!

    PS: I'd like to justify my interest for Australia by explaining that I've been there twice, once for a semester at Monash in Melbourne and last summer with my hubby for honeymoon. I love Australia and hope to be back soon! :biggrin:
  11. lynnix or holly,
    have you girls received your bags yet? :smile:
  12. haven't received my bag yet :sad: but soon i reckon because it's left heathrow on the 29th!
  13. a couple of aussie girls have already had theirs cleared to deliver from customs, with no customs issues;
    some of the melbourne girls have had theirs stuck in customs since sunday night BUT one called DHL today and was told that it's all clear, and no charges are payable!
  14. I wonder who that could have been? :whistle:

    What a relief about the customs though!!! :yahoo: