Any aussies interested in a OZ meet?

  1. probably do one first in Melb for Melbourians,
    Brissy people do one in Brissy,
    Sydney ppl do one in Sydney
    and see whether we can do a around OZ one in the near future?
    let's aim for say.....the next couple of months for Melbourne meet at Maxxy?
  2. I'm from Sydney!!
    oh...looks like not many members from syd.........
  3. Sounds good snowypam. Do you want to organise it? Perhaps start a new thread?
  4. I am in Syd... count me in!!!
  5. Anyone from Perth? Feeling like the "cheese stands alone" here....
  6. Perth here! :smile:
  7. me too...
  8. me three...
  9. Oooh! This is exciting! What is the next step? Do we start a new thread and maybe organise a meet?;)
  10. come onnnnnn *lleyton hewitt style* perthians! lol
    surely there has to be more than 4 of us!!! hahaha :wondering
  11. Count me in :: Perthians five... :smile:
    I just found this thread, hope it's not too late
  12. Ok, I think we better start a new thread just for us.

    Cheeky Iz, it was so nice to meet you at the LV boutique today! The bags the SA's brought out were all so nice, but I had to leave quickly as hubby was at home with the kids and I was about to succumb to another bag!!!! HAhahaha!

    Ok girls watch out for the new thread then!:yahoo:
  13. It was nice to see you too.... Yeah, sounds good with the new thread! :smile:
  14. Hey, im from Sydney count me in :biggrin:
  15. Hello Helina welcome.....