Any aussies interested in a OZ meet?

  1. Any aussies interested in a OZ meet?
    or even an east coast meet? including Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne... or even people from Darwin, Perth, Adelaide etc,
    we can all pick a central location and MEET~
    just an idea :smile::supacool:
  2. I'd love to! Although I could only go if it were being held in Melbourne. It would be great to meet other PFers. :yes:
  3. I'm in Melb, so at least you will have me there :smile:

    Any other takers?
    Should we narrow our first meet to a Melbourne Meet :>:flowers:
  4. I'm in for Sydney or Adelaide
  5. If timing suits, sure, would be fun!
  6. I would love to meet Aussie tPfers, but I'm the odd one out in Brissy. :sad: There's three of you in Melbourne, that's a good start!
  7. Hi TFFC, I am another Brissy girl so if there was ever a meet here count me in!
  8. im also a brizzy girl so count me in
  9. im in melbourne too! count me in! That would be great meeting:tup:
  10. Laloki and Caitie, are you two going to the Chinese New Year event this Sunday?
  11. count me in thanks for organising too!
  12. shall we do a melbourne meet over some weekend for koko black or max brenner hot choc?
  13. I am in Brisbane, count me in.
  14. Oh, I just saw this thread - prob a bit late.
    But Im in Melbourne and love Max Brenner so Im in definetly!!

    Maybe we should start seperate thred for melb meet and the Brisbanites can start their own too.
  15. lmao im the only one from sydney?