Any assistance with a men's BV belt?

  1. This is a classic style. You can find it at the BV boutiques or have it ordered if they don't have it in the store. They might have more colors, too.
  2. I will be sniping this belt. Thank you, TheHoff.

  3. hahah hey Kron.. man, 68 posts here? :graucho:

    Isn't that a size 42 waist? I tried to find a standardized belt conversion chart and most agreed that 105cm = 40 / 42 US.

    edit: I'm gonna add a little manliness to this thread in the purse forum....

  4. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I love the color variation in the letter and the overall warmth. Just beautiful!
  5. Mantellassis, Hoff?
  6. Close, Santoni FAMs.

    Thanks for the kind words, miss valkyrie360.