Any Apple or Macbook owners?

  1. I have a desktop mac and my room mate has a macbook and we love macs! They are the best!!!! The only this is I've never had 1 problem with my mac but my room mate has had techincal problems with the computers hard drive and the battery. Which they promptly fixed b/c of the warranty.. they're very good about that! I'd go for the mac and ditch your other computer for sure!
  2. See thats my thought too.We think alike.Well I thought of it tonight,lol.It was like:idea:.I'm going to do some research and seen when do they usually release new ones.Good question.
  3. Get the will cure world hunger!
  4. We converted to Macs at home in December (one desktop and three laptops) and absolutely LOVE them! I still use Dell computers at my office.
  5. MacBook Pro here, wouldn't touch anything else :p
  6. lol, I was waiting for Charles to chime in sooner or later. ;)
  7. I believe Apple could market an iTurd and it would sell!

    All kidding aside, go to the apple web site and check out the options. I have a iMac G5 and a MacBookPro. Love them both. I'm a UNIX geek.

    You can run Parallels on the MacBookPro if you need to run windows apps. It costs $99 and you also need a copy of windows (including serial number) to install.

    I don't think waiting for the new OS makes much of difference. Apple upgrades aren't too expensive. But I do recommend upgrading once available.

    I so don't miss re-booting a PC. Macs Rock!
  8. I have a MacBook and I love it. They're so much faster than PC's. I also have a PowerMac and also a Sony Vaio PC Desktop computer. I much prefer the Macs, and I'm going to get rid of the VAIO. Although it's just as fast as the Mac, it's harder to use and there are too many possibilities of it crashing. I've also had viruses on it, while Macs don't get viruses. Go Mac!
  9. Well what I was thinking when it comes to having Windows it was only cause of me being a Sims 2 gamer but I'm sure Apple has accomodated people who use Mac and play it.I seen how much it is and if I can't cave DH if I need to use something that's windows based I can always use his.My DH told me to go ahead and sell it so hopefully I don't have much of a difference with what I make off this one and buying me a MacPro.I want to go all out and just get the MacPro but in someone can tell me if a Macbook will work as good as one then I would love to hear it.I use mine for surfing,pics you know the norm.
  10. I use a Mac Mini + I :heart: it! I would like to upgrade to the newer ones with the Intel processors so I can run both Windoze + Mac OS (I have a lot of programs I use for school that don't work on Mac OS).

    My husband uses a MacBook Pro at work + he loves it.
  11. Well, that's kind of why I asked if you would be willing to settle for a Macbook. If your financial situation allows you to splurge on a Macbook Pro, then make the investment. If not, I think a Macbook will be fine.

    I may be wrong, but I've always felt like Powerbooks/Macbook Pros are best suited for hardcore users who do lots of graphic work/video editing/etc. That being said, if I could have afforded it at the time, I would have jumped at the chance to get one; they really are amazing machines. But when I bought my computer two years ago, I was buying as a student with limited funds and I figured that anything I would need to do (word processing, research, pictures, etc.) on a powerbook could be just as easily done on an ibook. So far, I've never had a moment where I've said "man, I wish I had a Powerbook so I could do X". I'm going to be upgrading in about a year if I get into law school (*fingers crossed*) and I'm considering getting a Macbook Pro then, but I can't really find any practical reason for it so I will probably just be getting a Macbook.
  12. I am currently using a MacBook Pro that I got last year. My co-worker just got the top of the line Mac Book (the black one) and it has the same specs as my Mac Book for almost 1000 cheaper. My mom has had her Black Mac Book for a year and it is basically able to do the things that I do on my MacBook Pro.

    As for waiting for the new OS, as another poster mentioned upgrading is fairly cheap and I like to wait awhile anyway in case there are bugs out there.

    If I were going to get a new one I would get it now while I could still get the free Ipod.
  13. ^ the one thing I love about powerbooks/mac pros is that they seem a lot more durable. Not that I've experienced any durability problems with my ibook, but I feel like I could throw my friend's powerbook across the room and it would still be totally fine, while mine seems a lot more 'delicate'. But then again, I chuck it in my backpack or shoulderbag all the time with only a really thin sleeve (the in-case one that apple sells) and haven't really had any significant damage occur.
  14. Guess what ya'll my DH did the comparisons and now he wants a Mac Pro.I gave him every link I could think of and he turned around.I can't believe it,lol.

    As far as whether I can fair the price well I could but like it was said maybe I could just settle on a Macbook.I want the Macbook Pro because being able to expand and so forth.I'm not a graphic art designer or anything,lol so I see your point.More than likely since we've decided he may want me to get mine first then he gets a Mac Pro.

    So should I get the Macbook Pro that is greener efficient now or get the older verison of it?If I got the Macbook I would get the black one I guess.