Any Apple or Macbook owners?

  1. I want one.Have you ever purchased something and you wish you would of bought what you intended on buying in the first place?

    Thats my case.A few months ago my DH bought me a Sony Vaio w/ a web cam since he took my notebook with him when he deployed.I wanted a Macbook cause of owning previous ibooks and the webcam feature the new one has now.He ended up talking me into getting the Vaio I have now because he was afraid that I wouldn't like the Macbook after the fact and so on.

    I like Vista and all but its killing me.I have widgets and all and they crash,my IE 7 crashes and so forth.I haven't been too fond of this notebook since I got it but like the fact that I own one again.

    Should I stick it out or should I go ahead and beg DH to buy me a Macbook?I want a Pro soooo bad.Please tell me your Pros and Cons of owning your Apple.

  2. I just got my first Macbook last Wednesday, and I love it. That said, I'm having some trouble with transferring my files and compatibility (and I miss my old widgets), but I love how logical the setup is.

    Vista = death. All Windows updates are awful, but Vista seems to be the new ME in terms of glitches.

    Do whatever will work best for you in the long run. If you think you will use all the features of a Macbook Pro, switch. Otherwise, maybe consider reverting to an old copy of XP until Microsoft puts out some patches. I'd also recommend switching browsers -- Firefox is the most reliable, IMO, and has a ton of add-ons, but Opera is a great browser too. (Anything is better than IE, really.)

    Good luck.
  3. I've been an apple user for many years and am very happy with all the machines I've owned over the years: Imac, Ibook, Power Book, and now Mac Book Pro. If there's an Apple Store neaar you you should go and fiddle with the machine so you know it truly is the one you want.

    Good luck!
  4. I have a macbook and macbook pro. We spent over $3000 on a windows desktop and within about 6 months I about had the ****s of it and got an imac. Mac person ever since.
  5. I bought a Powerbook G4 in 2003 and I'm using it right now at work. It runs well for being 4 1/2 years old! I have never heard of a windows computer lasting that long.

    I bought an iMac in October and I am so in love with it. I will NEVER buy another but an apple again.

    You should definitely buy one.
  6. I've been using only Macs since 1995. They are so great and have very few problems compared to PCs. Unlike years ago, most common software is compatible with Macs so it's easy to make the transition. Go for it!
  7. If you're in a financial situation that allows you to ditch the VAIO and get a Mac, I would totally recommend you go for it. If not, the idea of getting an older version of XP temporarily is a good one. There are also quite a number of other threads about the whole PC/Mac debate that you could find with a quick search.

    You also mentioned you wanted a Macbook Pro...would you be willing to settle for a Macbook? It would save you some money, if that's an issue that's keeping you back.
  8. Its killing me I have restart after a few manys if I open too many web browers.I did a scan from the Vista site and things are a bit better but today its slowly starting back up.Dh thinks I'm a computer geek and that I just get bored and need a challenge but I'm dead serious its really tripping with me.I've had it for about 4 months now.:sad:
  9. You know what thats a good idea.I don't have an Apple Store here in P'cola but I will be going to Jacksonville,FL for like a week next week so I could find it.Thanksso much for that idea.:p
  10. Lol too funny.My DH wants a Dell desktop cause our other one is about 4 yrs old now and I told him have at it cause I won't be on it.:tdown:
  11. Thanks:smile:
  12. I love Apple products and I've had notebooks before and worked just fine with them.I need to fully transisition over and if I miss something thats Windows I can always use that Parellel program right?
  13. Well back then it was an issue cause DH was buying me a ton of stuff and then I all of sudden wanted Macbook.He told me to wait a couple of months or get a Macbook instead of the Macbook Pro.Now or in the next 3 months I need to take advantage of it cause we'll be leaving out the country and I don't want to buy anything with how high shipping is I have plugged that I want a new notebook and he could have this one.

    Thank you and I'll look up those threads too.

    Thanks to everyone for all your help.I appreciate it:heart:.
  14. Yes, you can get your Mac Book Pro "split" and open up in Windows or MacOsx. I am supposed to get mine done but I am too lazy and don't use Windows apps. anyway. I just use my Microsoft Office for Mac and am fine with that.

    For me personally, it is just easier for me to troubleshoot Mac problems. I like how everything is so integrated (Itunes, Iphoto, Imoive, IDvd) and some day down the road I do want an Iphone.

    By the way, if you do get one check for their educator's or business discounts or any other ones you may qualify for...and make sure you get any r****** too. I know they have the 99 off printer and free Ipods.
  15. ^^^^Thanks I qualifed for a student discount but I've graduated now as of April but my husband would qualify for a military discount.