Any *Any Confirmed sighting of Amore at MACY*S????

  1. Has anyone actually seen amore at any Macy's stores?

    Earlier today someone posted they had but then corrected and said it was Nordstrom's.

    The LeSportsac Customer Service rep told me yesterday that Macy's was NOT going to be carrying Amore which backs up what the Macy's in Denver (which does have Adios and Pirata) told me as well.

    So.. have you seen it at Macy's IN PERSON??? Not Nordies, not bloomies but MACY*S????
  2. humm I'll have to check around the Macy's in my area but I haven't seen any but then again I haven't asked either
  3. And if anyone sees one, take a pic of it in the store! lol
  4. Macy's in Downtown Seattle are carrying it. They have gioco, canguro, and I think a cucciola.
  5. checked Macys in the staten island mall yesterday... no amore, and barely any adios/pirata... if i had blinked i would have missed the 2 adios star ciao ciaos that were practically buried on the shelf amongst a bunch of plain black lesportsac bags & the pirata stellina hanging on the side of the shelf.

    I also went to BOTH Lesportsacs in Manhattan, AND BOTH Bloomingdales... No Amore at all! (yet?) :crybaby:The Bloomingdales on 59th st doesnt even carry Tokidoki Lesportsacs... maybe cuz they're too busy carrying the ugliest LV bag i ever saw (it was a giant white fluffy thing with multicolored LV logos printed in the fur with a big leather strap) :wtf:
  6. I haven't seen it anywhere. My Bloomingdales in NJ has some Adios, but no Amore.
  7. Macy's in Bellevue Square, WA also has it. I saw like 5 or 6 bags.
  8. I called the macy's in fashion valley, ca, and they said they were *expecting* a hopefully! :yes:
  9. So *maybe* there is hope the Macy's in Denver will get it eventually. It is SO frustrating calling them. If they answer the phone at all, they never know what I'm talking about. They either tell me they "only carry Harajuko" which is ridiculous since I have SIX bags I got there, or they ask me like 5 times what brand it is I'm looking for. I guiess I'll have to go in person to see.
  10. that's unfortunate they are so clueless...i'm sure you've tried this but have you mentioned that's its lesportsac? That usually helps for me when i call around...:yes:
  11. i asked a woman who worked in the handbags department at a macy's in socal.. and all she did was look around the lesportsac section and said "no, that's all."

    i could have done that.. in fact, i DID look before i asked her :smash: lol..
  12. lol... where in socal did you go?
  13. i went to the one in fashion valley in san diego.. just like aribobarixxx. in fact i asked that lady TWO times (of course on separate days).. she was clueless on both days..
  14. Oh Yes, I've tried that! Then they start asking if it's the one with stripes or the polka dots.......
  15. :shocked: Honestly, since this stuff is so popular, you think they'd be a little more..."educated" on their product, especially since its been around for some time.

    glad to hear of some so-cal's!! :nuts: We'll have to keep in contact with each other on amore info! :yes: