Any Anouk Owners?

  1. I was wondering if there are any Anouk owners here? The bag isn't mentioned very often and after doing a search I couldn't find any visuals to see how small it is, how much it holds or see the bag worn for size. Can anyone help??

    Thank you!
  2. I used to have one but I found it too small. My mom loved it so I let her have it. She doesn't carry as much junk as I do. :p

    I found one pic for reference of Michelle Trachtenberg wearing an Anouk bag. Hope it helps!

  3. i never really paid attention to seems small and im not too fond of the strap shape personally.....maybe because it looks like a bunny to me...
  4. ^^A bunny? LOL!! You crack me up!

    Here's a screen cap marclover posted from the movie The Departed where the character is carrying a black Anouk.

  5. bunnies are evil!!! :devil:
  6. LOL you ladies are wild!! So funny!

    Thanks for the pics, very helpful.

    The anouk looks small but I still love it anyway (btw bunnies are cute). I'm thinking it'll be a good evening bag. I have a LV pochette accessoires which I find is such a tight squeeze. I have to put things in the bag strategically, but once I take something out I can't get it back in w/o repacking my bag.
  7. Your reason for editing is making me :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: over here! :roflmfao:

    I've always thought the Anouk was cute - just like a bunny - and would be good for an evening bag, if you didn't need to carry much. There's someone on here, I forgot who :ninja: but she has one in periwinkle and it's GAWWWJESSSS!! :tup:
  8. mh21 - compared to LV pochettes, the Anouk can definitely fit more. Plus you've got the zippered compartment on the front that you could use for quick access (keys, phone). I think you should go for it. :yes:

    jun3machina - you are hillarious! That pic and your ETA comments made me almost spew water out of my mouth!!:roflmfao::roflmfao: For the record, I like bunnies too. :p
  9. I LOVE the anouk! It's my very favorite MJ style :love: I think it's such a great size - big enough to carry the essentials during the day but small enough to transition into a nice evening bag. It holds a lot too! I also like that I can carry it under the crook of my arm, or as a shoulder bag.

    I love that teal color - I say you should go for it! :smile:
  10. For reference, I took a picture of how my anouk looks when it is filled with my stuff, and a picture of how much stuff I usually carry - I hope this helps in your decision! And my kitty wanted to take a "modeling" shot. ;)
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg
  11. this was almost my first mj bag. i eventually chose the venetia. i figured the anouk would be too small for me. it's cute, but part of the bag that comes to a point sort of bothers me as well. i can't say it's my favorite, but it looks very nice on michelle trachtenberg.
  12. I DID go for it!! I've been looking for an interesting looking evening bag (at a reasonable price) and this is it. I love the style and the angular pointy bits. The style is very similar to a bag from another brand that I saw about a year ago (never bought it), and now I have one making it's way to me. The bag should arrive next Friday or Saturday, I'm gonna die waiting a week. Will post pics then.

    Btw Lanier thank you for posting pics of your Anouk and kitty. I love your kitty!