Any Anglophiles in here?

  1. Am I the only one? (To all the Anglophiles, can I get a 'Hell yeah!'?)

    My dad's side of the family is English, so we would go there for family events.

    I just remember loving everything about London. The city, the people, the accents, the 'Britishisms' for things, the theatre, (the candy, the comics, the humor!)

    I just fell in love with it all over again when I studied in London the winter semester of my junior year of college. The royal family just fascinates me. I had an absolute ball on my days off going to places like Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London, The London Dungeon . . . never mind the fact that I took a British Life & Culture class that included field trips to other 'British' things. Oh! I was in Heaven during the field trips!

    I think my mecca was when I visited the Globe Theatre.

    I was such a wreck when the London bombings happened. It was like they bombed my home. (I used Waterloo Station to go back and forth between Downtown London and Surrey but I remember taking a cab ride past King's Cross Station.)

    I really admired the British the way they recovered after the bombings. You didn't see Union Jacks all over all over the place and they weren't singing Rule Brittania at the top of their lungs. They mourned their dead, tended to their injured and quietly showed everyone else just how strong a city London really is.
  2. I love British writers and British humor. My dream is to visit England one day soon, not just London but all over the island! Yorkshire and Cornwall especially.
  3. I too am a British Buff...

    Since Im half Brit and more the people and customs....

    From Paddington Bear to East enders...I treasure alot of things British...

    I plan to take a 1-2 mth vacation there, as soon as I graduate school....I can wait to take a picture with the Bronze Paddington in Paddington station... :yes:

    Definelty want to visit yorkshire...where one of my favorite book is written know...the one about the country vet in yorkshire?:shrugs:

    Oh yeah..James Harriot!!!
  4. Let me just add that one of my tattoos is British. It's the grail from Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD cover.
    I got that tattoo for a number of reasons, the main one would be representing my British heritage.

    Kind of looks like this (minus the people in it):

  5. You should also visit the Lake District - my Dad lived up there, as a boy, it's truly breathtaking. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. :yes: Ohh yes you must go to Cornwall - my mum comes from there so I am a bit biased but it is stunning. The beaches are so clean - the sand is almost caribbean looking it is so white. Go to St. Ives for the Tate, Padstow to eat fish or Jamie Olivers just opened a restaurant in Watergate bay - the view is stunning tho' haven't been to eat yet! Cosy cottages, long walks - I am going at Christmas and can't wait myself!!

    Yes the London bonbings were terrible - I was in town on both the 7th and the 21st and it was my local bus route they bombed, but London has recovered it is true and we won't let it stop us from living our lives.
  7. You wouldnt like the British weather today ;)

    Sheet rain is pouring down along with thunder and lightning, and the sky is completely grey at 11am!

    Its ruined my shopping trip ;)
  8. Its still quite warm though!
  9. I come from London but live in Yorkshire now (York) with my SO so I have the best of both worlds - although I so miss shopping in London sometimes LOL!
  10. After living there for 5 years... I learned to love them! I always say they are a league of their own!
  11. I've always wanted to visit Cornwall especially! I've been to London and loved it. But I really like to see countryside.
  12. My dad's side is from England, too. I've taken several trips to England and one to Scotland and have always felt comfortable there. Hubby flew to London so often for work, that he was practically a native (he could give directions to lost tourists as well as lost Brits).

    About the weather. I remember the day we arrived at the airport in Glasgow--a greeter said they'd had all 4 seasons that day, including snow lol! (in May)
  13. Both sides of my family-mom's side and dad's are from England. So I'm a Brit descendant-however, my dad's side came over to the U.S. in the 1600's and my mom's in the 17OO's, so it's been a while! My parents bought a place in England (in the Cotswalds) and lived there for over 10 years after I was grown. I have many relatives buried in that area-many in the Bath area. I love it there and feel very comfortable in England.
  14. My general cell phone ring is the Monty Python theme song. (My dad has a speciatly ring - his is the Benny Hill theme song).

    I remember getting so excited when we got BBC America. I loved watching Footballer's Wive$, My Family and I forget the name. It wasn't Cash In The Attic (that was a good one, too) but it was one where two teams each got 500 pounds and an antques expert. They'd go to an antiques bazaar and find things they think would fetch some money at auction. Then the things are auctioned off and we see how much they got.

    I'm a big fan of Wendy Holden's books and I love her titles and cover designs. The covers American versions look different and some of the titles are even changed. I got excited when I was in a bookstore in downtown Toronto and I realized they had the 'British versions' of books here.
  15. One word: Coupling
    Two words: Freaking Hilarious

    (I bought all the seasons on DVD. I tried watching the American version. It was funny but it was in no way the same thing. For some reason 'crotchless underwear' sounds funnier in an English accent.)