any Amethyst Blake sighting?

  1. Has anyone seen Amethyst Blake (Fall 06) in your local store? If yes, when and where was it spotted? As of yesterday, Marc Jacobs boutiques don't have any in stock.

    Resort 2006 Collection look book is on its way to me, will post information in another thread.
  2. I asked stock in mid-august and the MJ SA said she would call when it became available... Haven't heard anything yet.

    You know I would be the first to know! LOL.
  3. ^ Don't know why this particular combination is taking so long.
    The Resort Collection is about to hit stores soon!
  4. It sounds great!!:nuts:
    If you find any pics, please post..I'd love to see it!
  5. Well I asked Nordies back in July and they said they weren't buying any of that type. Someone said NM had them, but I haven't seen them there either.
  6. Miss-Lilly, here are pictures of the wallet in amethyst. Courtesy of
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj4.jpg
  7. After finding out about the upcoming colors for Resort 06 & Spring 07, I would like to get an Amethyst Blake! I am told by several MJ stores that there isn't any left -- completely sold out at all MJ locations, I can't even place a special-order! I called the stores as early as June/July -- when Fall 06 colors were revealed, I asked to be notified as soon as this combination becomes available. My cell phone number was changed last month, I'm not sure if it arrived during that time frame. I checked NM, Bloomingdale's, and Nordstrom (so desperate, have to check there too even though members said that their buyers didn't get this combo) for months too.

    What to do!!!
  8. Seriously? That bites! :sad: :crybaby: :wtf:

    I love the color Amethyst! I was anticipating this color as well, but now I'm in the same boat as you. I would think that NM and Bloomies, based on their previous history, are more open to selling non- neutral colors.

    In any case, I hope you find it. Not much hope for me now, since I never buy at retail price.
  9. That's so strange! The MJ SA told me she would call me about it... it must have really flown off the shelves fast!! I was hoping to score one too, upgrade from the MP to the Blake... oh well. Thanks for checking bag.lover.
  10. A few months ago, Amethyst Blake was listed under a different section -- even MJ SAs got confused and thought that Blake was the only Soft Caft style that wasn't made in Amethyst. Resort 2006 items are arriving in stores already so I can't think of another reason why Amethyst (Fall 06 color) isn't available (rather than being sold out) now. There are times where really hot bags never make it to the floor (all sold to clients who pre-ordered/wait-listed). The manager of the store that I often call is on vacation, I will confirm with him later.

    I have seen other styles in Amethyst (Multipocket, Venetia, Bleecker, Amy Hobo, Zip Clutch, etc). My favorite Soft Calf styles are Stella (no longer made), Venetia (i have maroon & bordeaux), and Blake. I thought it would be nice to add Amethyst to my current Linen Blake, I take this as a sign that I'm meant to have other bags. If I knew this was the case, I would have gotten the small Zipped Bowler during Bloomies' private sale last week -- could save $300 ($100 off plus $195 gift cards back).

    My wallet is happy though. =)
  11. ^That would have been a great deal! Too bad I'm on a purse ban... and I thought you were too! I'm sure your wallet is VERY happy...
  12. I called MJ NY earlier, Amethyst Blakes are completely sold out at all MJ stores. Gabrielle said that she will try to see if any (from Milan) can be transferred in. If anyone is interested, call her at 212-343-1490.
  13. So it's true, the bags weren't listed correctly? that's so frustrating! and I was comforted earlier by the knowledge that my SA would call me as soon as it came in... argh.
  14. ^ I asked Gabrielle whether any Amethyst Blakes actually came within the last few months. She said that she has seen them in her store before. She will check with corporate about locating some overseas on Monday, she will get back to me. Will update you.

    Bloomies usually get all the colors so I checked with my local store; they have Blake in every color except Amethyst. I am wondering whether this combination is exclusive to MJ stores only.

    If I knew this is so hard to get, I would try to bid on that Amethyst Elise. Too late now though...
  15. Update: Wholesale department couldn't get any Amethyst Blakes. :sad:
    That's too bad, but I will get ZB to make up for it. =) :yahoo:
    I'm looking forward to Spring 07's Lavendar Blake.=)