Any American Apparel codes?

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  1. I'd appreciate it if anyone had anything! Thanksss
  2. Hi, try code FSS127A43 for free shipping and SECRETFD10 for 10% off. I am not sure if they can be stacked though.
  3. darn the shipping code is expired but the 10% off still works!
  4. oooh 10% code expired a few minutes ago! ugh, I am only a few minutes late! Anyone has a new code?? TIA
  5. if you live in los angeles, they have an american apparel community store at their downtown building (a huge PINK building) where stuff is 30-40% off, few stuff 60-70% off, and items that were only made for the community store and that you cant find in their regular retail stores.
  6. Is there any other "community" locations? I would love to find that kind of deal in DC or NY
  7. n755-fg75693

    ^^^ this code is still good for 15% off, just used it :tup: (not sure when it expires tho)
  8. ebay has great deals on AA... that's where me and my friends get AA clothing. powersellers buy the clothes at wholesale prices and sell them for about 50-60% off and its the same quality you get in the store.
  9. ^^^ thats where i get most of my AA stuff :smile: unfortunately not everything is there :sad: like the cardigans... i only use the AA website when i cant find it from the ebay seller i like
  10. WOW! I didn't know that. I should have been getting my basics here. The deals are good on eBay. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Definitely check out ebay - I got 2 tri-blend deep V's (orchid & indigo) for $22 shipped. Retail at AA stores and website is $22 each. :tup:
  12. you're welcome guys!! and yeah they don't have everything... you'll have to shop at AA for the more exclusive stuff like cardigans and the dresses... but if you want some of the basics like leggings, deep V tees or hoodies, i would really recommend ebay! i got a tri-blend hoodie on ebay for only $19.99 and they're over $40 on AA! :smile: