any alternatives to the epi french wallet?

  1. any alternatives to the epi french wallet?
    love this wallet, just not the price tag.

    looking for an alternative in the 200 range.
    also something a bit longer. would like a bright color, orange,yellow, red..etc
    something that can take a beating..

    any suggestions?
  2. have you thought about tano wallets? I don't have one, but they're moderately priced and come in about every bright color under the sun.
  3. Kate spade makes beautiful wallets. I am currently looking for one that could match my LV too.
  4. Tusk makes nice wallets, some are quite colorful, too.
  5. be very careful with Kate Spade wallets. The one i have is a beautiful sliver leather and I love it. But... I cannot get my ID out very easily. I mean I have to carry tweezers around with me to get it out. I am going to have the id part stretched. but I don't know if that will help... Just a heads up.