Any alternatives for Triluma?

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    I was on tri-luma for lightening dark inconsistencies on my skin (not freckles or sunspots, mine are darker). But I'm not insured so I dont feel like spending 250.00 just to get a prescription for then a 125.00 little 30mg tube of lightening cream (why is everything sooo expensive:crybaby:). Are there any over the counter alternatives...The summer is coming, so I want to start a regimen, ASAP. As peeling may occur,and that won't be cute:nogood: lol. PS I dont mind if the suggestion is expensive. It's just the combination of having to pay for the DERM, just to then get a prescription, that is also not cheap:cursing:, that bugs me. TIA
  2. Anyone?
  3. Ambi sells an OTC bleaching cream. I also use Triluma in between laser tattoo removal sessions. It's expensive and I don't think it works to well.
  4. You can get hydroquinone products from online pharmacies in Canada and Mexico. You can't get HQ products without a prescription in the US. Please be careful with HQ (and do the research if you haven't already). And use lots of sunscreen if you use it this summer!!
  5. thanks for your suggestions, I will def. do my research first^
  6. I ordered Glyquin from, no problems.

    But now I use Skinceuticals Phyto corrective gel, it contains natural alternatives to hydroquinone, such as arbutin and kojic acid. Cost about $65 for the bottle. It works really well.
  7. i know it's a lot of $ but i would get the triluma. i tried a generic hydroquinone prior to it, and it did nothing for me. everyone's skin is different, but triluma really worked for me. (just make sure you use spf because bleaching creams make your skin very sensitive to the sun and dark spots could get worse)
  8. ^ I know it really did work for me...But I hate to pay the DERM 250.00 Just for the prescription:cursing: