Any all-day lip ~ gentle on lips?

  1. It's been a while since I have tried the various brands of long-lasting lip color. I'm talking about Revlon Colorstay, etc. The stuff that supposedly does not come off when eating or smooching. When I did try it, my lips dried our horribly to the point of cracking and flaking. That was two years ago.

    Is there any lip color that you have had success with? What should I try? How long does it last?
  2. chanel makes one that's pretty gentle on the lips but doesn't last for a crazy long time-i think it depends how careful you are. there's color on one end and a hydrating gloss on the other.
  3. Chanel rouge double intensite is good, but the only way to combat dryness is to put gloss or balm over any long wear lipstick.
  4. All of those all day lip colors are gimmicky and severely drying IMO.

    For weddings and special events, I start with a lip/cheek stain and apply my lipstick, gloss, liner etc over it. And I always reapply the stain halfway through the day even if I don't feel that I need to. It's the only thing I've found that keeps color on my lips without totally drying them out :shrugs:
  5. Body Shop has a nice lip stain :smile:
  6. BeneFit's Silky Finish Lipsticks. It comes off a little but I find that I hardly need to touch up. My second fav is Chanel's Allure series.
  7. ^ Ooh I'll have to try that! I can't believe I missed their big sale :sad:

    I don't have any actual lip stains atm; I've just been using my cheek stains and it works really well!
  8. For all day.. I recommend a lip stain. Those won't budge. I don't like the look of lip stains though. I think Chanel rouge intensite is really good. It's a double ended lip gloss that stays on like lipstick.