Any advise???

  1. Hi all - I have this cocker spaniel (female) which I think shes 6 months old. Is been really difficult to get her to stop eating my walls, paper, getting the trash out, eating my carpet, etc. I feel desperate, we are moving to a new place soon where the pet deposit is 300 per dog and I just do not trust her. As much as I hate myself for thinking in giving her away i think im gonna have to do it. i mean i have tryed everything to get her to stop, and specially since my BF is so good at training dogs she just DOES NOT UNDERSTAND, and I do not understand her, she even does it when we are here at home sleeping, she gets a lot of attention and we show her that we love her and take care off her wonderfully (i think) I just do not know what to do.
  2. Well, I for one would NOT give her away for only that reason. I believe that all dogs are trainable, maybe hire a professional trainer. Also, I know that a sign of pain is when an animal chews on stuff, etc., so maybe take her to the vet to make sure everything is okay. Is she teething, that could be a likely possibility, and they obviously grow out of that.
    They make this stuff at the pet store that you spray on objects and when you pet bites on it, it has a very sour taste, which they don't like, and it will cause them to stay away from that object. I forgot what it's called, but I am sure they would know what you are talking about if you asked.
    Call your vet to see what their ideas are on this, they probably see this a lot.
    Don't give up on her :smile:.
  3. Buy her a crate and a bunch of chew toys. You adopted a puppy, puppys chew. The best chew toy is called a Kong. You can fill the Kong with peanut butter and freeze it over night. It will take her HOURS to get all that stuff out the next day. You need to keep her busy. Also keep her in the crate for a while every day when you are not able to watch her. The less she is able to chew the walls the less she will want to. It will take some time but can be done.
  4. i do not want to give up on her .... i lover to death .... and i agree i shouldnt give her away cuz of that ... specially since i hate when people do that ... she is a part of our family .... but im desperate that she just does not seem to understand. shes not teething and nothing is wrong with her, she just had a check up a month ago and shes healthy. i hope to find a remedy before the end of next month, cuz i do not want to give her away
  5. Cindi - I have done that, I have bought her all types of toys, bones, etc and nothing she wont even get close to them and try to chew them or anything, i think shes addicted the the drywall ... lol ... i have also try to keep her away when we are not here but i admit i do not do it all the time, i do not like to keep her on a leach or anything .... it makes me sad
  6. Try the Kong and peanut butter if you have not tried that yet. It seems to work when all ather chew toys and such do not. Keeping her in a crate to aid with her training is not cruel. It is better to do that than to give her away. She will learn. You will just have to watch her as you would a very small child. Trust me I have been there.

  7. Thanks you CIndi I will try that. WHere can I find it? Petsmart maybe?
  8. They would have the Kong at Petsmart as well as the bitter apple spray that makes things taste bad to a dog. I also have had a lot of success with Flossies, which are beef tendon chews. Those really helped curtail a lot of my puppy's inappropriate chewing.
  9. Your puppy shouldn't be out of her crate if you can't watch her. If you are not home she should be crated, if you are home and are afraid you can't keep an eye on her she should be crated or leashed to you.

    Hire a professional trainer, I train dogs and I have NEVER met a dog that doesn't get it. Try positive training, clicker training works well. Make your puppy "work" for their food. If dogs are allowed to be bored, even mentally they will figure out a way to entertain themselves IE chewing. If you are mentally stimulating your dog, even just 15 mins of training, they are less likely to get into trouble.

    Puppys are not easy, and don't outgrow behaviors, they learn what is expected of them through training if you are not sure just hire a trainer or go to a group training class.

    Good lucK!

  10. I cant do that!! it breaks my heart to see her sad little face when I do it!!

    I do not think I can afford that! specially since my BF and I trained our other Cocker and he is the BEST dog I have ever had.

    What is that?

  11. Clicker training is positve reinforcement training. You click you treat...the dog does what you want you click and treat.

    Kenneling a dog is not cruel, my dog though she is 3 and I no longer shut her kennel door, will go and lay in her kennel for hrs on end when she wants to.

    Look on the internet, research Ian Dunbar his training methods are great.

    What kind of training are you and your bf using?
  12. Well when she was peeing in the house we would rub her face on the pee and tell her NO and that is what we have done for everything else, it worked for our other cocker.
  13. ^^^Yikes! I think positive training is better. And agree that a crate is critical when dogs are puppies. It doesn't sound like you are watching him carefully -- he could really hurt himself by eating something dangerous when you are not watching. Put him in a crate if he is alone or you cannot watch him and can keep him from doing these things.
  14. That training is outdated in not affective at all. Physical punishment, & yelling, doesn't work. You want your dog to trust you not fear you, if they trust you they will be more than willing to do what you ask of them becuase they know it won't harm them. I train all my dogs, I NEVER use the word "no" (I save that for emergencies), I never use physical punishment, never raise my voice, all my dogs compete in obedience, have their CGC, and some are working on being therapy dogs and they all trust me.

    Get a crate, it is safer for your dog and may save you money in the long run. Dogs can get blockages that can kill them or must be operated on if they eat something that decides not to come out the other end. The crate is just safer.

    Please do a google search on Ian dunbar or even clicker training and you will understand.....just try it.
  15. I have a beagle/pug mix so she has lots of energy and I was in the same situation you are in. I found running her in the morning and before bed or at least running her in the morning and chasing the ball before bed tired her out. It sounds like she has a lot of energy and needs to get it out. I don’t think giving her more toys will help.

    I also agree that if you are unable to watch her she should be in a crate. It may be hard at first (I had to sleep on the floor for 5 nights with my hand in my puppy's cage) but its for her and your own good. Having a crated dog makes life soooo much easier. My other dog loves his crate and runs to every night...sometimes before I’m ready for bed.

    Also Canadian Living states that the average cost of a dog is $1071 CDN and that does not include training. This may be harsh but if you can't afford that you shouldn’t have a dog. A dog is not a right it's a privilege.

    Good luck and keep at it. The reward in the end is priceless.