any advice -please!! (refering to cambons)

  1. I just recently purchased the pink pochette cambon purse,( cambon is a favorite of mine)and i loveee pink but recently saw a black medium tote but its about 1,800 do you think its worth getting it? I know black matches with mostly everything, but will the medium size be enough to fit my daily accessories? i dont really want large cuz it looks big and im very petite. The thing is i would have to sell the pink pochette if i did get the black tote,, i dont know what to do?:crybaby:
  2. If you love Cambon, go for it. Personally, I would want something more classic... $1,800 for a used Cambon doesn't sound like a good deal to me.
  3. Well the black tote is new with tags..
  4. But certainly not from a store, right, since stores no longer carry Cambons? Even with tags, it's still second-hand, if not used. I wouldn't pay $1,800 for it but as I said if YOU love that line, do get it if you are sure it is authentic, etc. Check eBay for price comparisons because that sounds a little high to me. I'm not an expert on the Cambon line, however.
  5. very true.. i agree! maybe i should see if i find something cheaper..because it does make sence.
  6. The large Cambon tote (black with black patent is all that is left in the tote variety in stores if I recall) was just increased to $1950 from $1695. I personally feel the medium size is small, (and the small is petite, like a doll bag). I have the large in beige and it is more medium/large than true large.
  7. What about the cambon bowler??? That is a nice size and holds loads!
  8. Yes, you can still find some Cambon items at Nordstrom Nm or Saks. I just bought the smaller tote with black C's and an agenda from Nordstrom.
  9. actually Cambons are still being produced and sold in stores:yes:
    $1800 is way too much for a medium though, that's about what a large retails for. medium is pretty small.
  10. Gah! Really? I have never seen one in the Michigan Ave. boutique. Hmm. I thought for sure they had discontinued the line! I stand corrected.

    Sinny1, as I said via PM, call Megan Bundi at the Michigan Avenue boutique. She is so sweet and will take care of you.