Any advice on the MJ chain-handle bags?

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    Hi everyone! I am very interested in a buying a quilted multi pocket on eBay (It has been authenticated thanks to a very reliable tPF'er), but I am wondering, can anyone tell me anything about the chain handle? I guess it is a previous year's model, because I cannot find it in any of the retail stores. I am wondering if the chain is heavy, or especially uncomfortable on your shoulder. Any adice would be super. I really love these quilted bags, but I would not want to buy it if it is not as easy to carry or as comfortable as my traditional MP's. Thanks!
  2. I have this bag in Petrol and I love this style. I would say that the chain may be uncomfortable after long excursions such as shopping, etc, but for shorter errands it's perfect. This is standard for any bags with chain handles - I've noticed that other brands become uncomfortable as well. Also, people with longer hair may have problems with the chain snagging in their hair.
  3. I found the chain to be too clunky for me........The new chains for fall are lighter but they make alot of noise!LOL!
    I was at the SOHO MJ NY store last week..The SA's said they now make the chains HOLLOW..but i found the hollow ones...while lighter...are noisier
  4. I had a MJ Julianne bag but the chain was so heavy and uncomfortable that I sold her on eBay!
  5. Thanks, ladies, it seems unanimous! Appreciate your advice.
  6. Interesting piece of information! I just today tried new Stams IRL, and I noticed that the chains feel a lot lighter than the ones in older Stams.