Any advice on selling new/barely worn name brand clothing?

  1. I have so many new or barely worn clothing in my closet from over the years that I need to clear some out. I have many new jeans, from Hudson to CoH to 7FAM, as well as leather coats from Andrew Marc and Theory pants, Ralph Lauren cashmere you think any of these would be worth selling? Do people ever buy them?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. I say give it a shot. the name brand jeans, leather jacket I believe they will sell.
    Good Luck:tup:
  3. I have sold like new used clothing with good results. It depends on the brand, if it is hot like 7FAM then it will sell. I would do a search on eBay to see what used items are selling for. It also depends on the it current? I sold a 10 year old pair of boots for what I bought them for! Of course, they looked almost new and they were a by high end designer, but I was amazed!
  4. i agree with the previous posts but be aware that there are a lot of fake designer jeans out there -- make sure to take lots of pictures and the receipt if possible. i would also recommend providing detailed measurements of the clothes (inseam, outside, crotch length, arm and shoulder lengths) and not just rely on sizes -- that way if people try to return because the clothes don't fit you will have a strong argument that the clothes are as described in the auction.
  5. ^^agree with the above advice..list all measurements, where you bought it.. etc...I usually start all my auctions low to save on listing fees..along with a BIN price
  6. Good luck!

    Only advice I can give is to describe the condition of your items accurately. Never worn or used should be described "NEW" and any used item, just be specific on how used, worn one time, twice, a handful of times, any flaws. If you can describe a used item like this, my opinion, buyers will feel more comfortable in bidding. Many pics are great, but I feel an honest descriptive listing from a seller goes a long way.

    Again, best of luck....I know the feeling of needing to purge the closet. :smile:
  7. With jeans... I usually set a higher reserve price - for example, I would set my sevens at about 50 to start with a BIN of 75. I guess it depends on the pair. I've had better luck on craigslist than on eBay with jeans, though. Also, don't forget to watermark your photos with the size tag and also the style tag. People who know their denim can tell a fake from a real pair, so don't worry :smile:
  8. If it is clothes, you dry clean them before listing definitely will help. You could mention in your listing that the dress has been dry clean and ready to wear.
  9. I think those jeans will sell well.
    In addition to providing detailed pictures, put style # or names on the listing. Also, make sure you put a disclaimer there, in bold and or bigger font that because each style has different fit the buyer has the responsibility to research the size beforehand.
    It really amazes me that there are people out there trying to return something they bought off on eBay because they don't fit (despite the fact size is stated clearly) but there are definitely difficult buyers like that so make sure you get that covered in your listing.
  10. They'll sell eventually. You may have to relist a couple of times though...I had some decent brands that I sold awhile back, lots of watchers but no bidders. They finally did sell but it took awhile.
    Anyway like lv_lover said, take lots of detailed pictures; I always take a full on shot of the item, one of the back, a closeup so the buyer can see the material and one of each tag that's on the item, including any that list a size (in case anyone tries to pull a "you said it was this size but it's really this size").