Any advice on selling gift card on ebay?

  1. I have a GC for $400 that I'd like to sell on eBay but the problem is that if I accept paypal I have to send it with tracking and signature and the cheapest to the US or within Canada is close to $20 and I highly doubt any buyer is going to want to spend $20 to have a GC shipped to them.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to get rid of this card.
  2. I learned the hard way that eBay guidelines state that gift cards must be under $250.00. You can also only sell 1 gift card per 7 days. I had an auction removed because it was over $250.00.
  3. Oh really? Well that's great. So now I'm stuck with a Coach gift card I cannot use.
  4. I didn't know about the 250 limit!! Could you bring the Coach GC to the store, and ask them to split it? I know its a long shot, but its worth a try. Say that you want to purchase two seperate gift cards with it :smile:
  5. Please see the ebay selling info. page (I pasted it below as well). The previous info. was incorrect regarding gift card $ limit

    eBay permits the listing of gift cards, with the following restrictions:
    • The value of the gift card may not exceed $500.
    • Gift cards may not be sold as pre-sale items and must be in hand at the time of listing.
    • Only one gift card may be listed per week, per seller. No exceptions will be made for sellers with multiple accounts. For the purposes of this policy, eBay defines one week as seven days from the end of the previous Gift Card listing close.
    • Multiple Gift Cards cannot be combined under a single listing
    eBay, at its discretion, may approve 1st party suppliers, or authorized 3rd party contractors, to sell gift cards in excess of these restrictions.
    Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
    • Listing cancellation
    • Limits on account privileges
    • Account suspension
    • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
    • Loss of PowerSeller status
  6. Thanks, that is good back to my original dilemma about having to charge $20 for secured shipping. Any suggestions?
  7. I wouldn't sell a gift card at all on ebay.. think of this --

    seller buys it. you ship it delivery conf/insured
    Seller receives it
    seller uses it immediately (same day)
    seller complains to you that it was 0 value when they got it

    seems like a big mess AND with paypal siding with buyers, you might not win. I don't know how exactly you'd prove that when you sent it it has $400 loaded on it... unless wherever they used it kept a record of the date and the date was after the received date. Still I think with all the scammers I'd be careful!
    even worse if coach will accept a gift card online or by phone because then how can they prove it wasn't you using it?
  8. Sorry guys, I posted the info about the 250.00 limit. I should have rechecked. My gift card was a big one that I got for AMX points and it was removed. I was wrong about the limit amount.