Any advice on my auction?

  1. First of all, OT but I got my tonsils out on Tues and I am in the worst pain imaginable and doped up on Lortab, which is not even touching the pain. So, I am in a little bit of a mood.:cry: But I am feeling kinda sad that I had sooo many watchers on my caramel box ebay auction and not one bidder. So I have relisted but I really don't know why it didn't sell in the first place. Any advice/ideas? Thanks.......
  2. Lori,
    I am sorry you are not feeling well! That stinks. I think this is happening a lot right now. There are so many sales going on, and maybe everyone is tapped out? If it doesn't sell this time, I'd hold off until the summer sales are over.
  3. ;) I think everyone is buying up the new bags at the moment, I'd try to sell it a little later this summer. Good luck & I hope you feel better:flowers:
  4. I was selling two bbags at the same time. Same color, different silhouette. The first one sold immediately by BIN. The second one I had to list three times before it sold. The first two times I had 600 hits and more than 25 watching it, but no bids. Then the third time, I got a BIN the first night it was listed. I think it's just about timing. You only need one person to hit that BIN button so keep trying and one day the right person will come along and see your auction.
  5. ^^ So true!!
    I've seen things relisted, then go WAY over what they weren't sold for the week prior.
    It just depends on who is surfing!
  6. lori, hang in there. that's a great bag and price. it will sell!
  7. Lori, I totally feel your pain! It can be discouraging. But Esile is so right, on both counts. It's a great bag, a great price, and just the right thing for someone! ps: don't feel compelled to keep dropping your price, since it's extremely fair. You just need the right person to come along!
  8. lorib, your auction is perfect the way it is. it really is a matter of timing.

    it had been earlier in the month, i probably would have bid on it! instead i'm trying to figure out which bag i should sell. :yucky:
  9. Yeah, lots of people are selling now, and making their stake for the Fall colors. It'll come around! The 2005 Caramel is such a classic neutral. Much nicer than the 2006 version, IMHO.
  10. I agree with the other ladies here. You have a great bag at a great price. It will sell, maybe not now, but it will. There are a lot of Bbags on Ebay right now all at pretty reasonable starting prices/BINs. Plus, as someone else already pointed out there have been a couple good sales/discounts. Your bag is beautiful and the color is a fantastic neutral! :smile:
  11. I agree, I think it will sell too. It is a gorgeous bag and the color is great, you just need the right person to see it....hang in there!
  12. It will definitely sell! It's such a beautiful bag- neutral and goes with everything!
  13. Don't worry Lori. Here a few potential reasons: people about to buy the new season bags, saving for the sales, saving for the holidays, too busy enjoying the sun outside to check eBay (I heard winter is always best to sell something online)..

    Your ad is perfect, looks very professional and the bag is stunning. The price is more than fair, so I am sure it is just a matter of finding the right candidate in the US!

    Don't worry! :flowers: