Any advice on how to sell shoes???

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  1. i have only ever sold bags and a couple of watches. relatively easy since they don't have to fit. but due to the restriction, i am going to try selling a brand new pair of designer shoes -- any advice, tips? i'm really nervous because these are not a current style so whoever buys them will have to take a leap of faith that they will fit.

  2. State what size your own feet are & how they fit on you. Measure the shoes -- that's important.

    Honestly, if they're like a pair of CLs, most people who are going to bid on them should be confident that they'll fit/have an idea that they will fit.
  3. it's chanel and it's not a current style so it's vey unlikely that someone has the same pair or has tried them on (at least not recently -- these are a few years old). what measurements should i provide?
  4. You should measure the heel height, and the interior foot bed from toe to heel.

    Also, ebay has strict rules about what sorts of pictures you can have in shoe auctions. Your foot must either be properly in the shoe or not at all. Also, please disclose the amount of wear on the shoes and you should probably include a picture of the wear on the bottoms. Also, include pictures of all stamping and printing on the shoes, as your customers will find it valuable and reassuring. Good luck! :yes:
  5. I've just listed a few pair of shoes and took photos of front, soles and a close-up of any logo/designer markings. In my remarks section I have written "PLEASE know your size in XXXX brand." I hope people read that far.

    When I look at shoes on Ebay, I want to see a photo of the soles. Often the soles appear to have more wear than they actually have, but it helps me to see if they are really beat up or have been re-soled.

    Also, I have asked, on occasion, for measurments of the interior of the shoe from toe to heel. It can be helpful.

    It IS a leap of faith, but some of the prices the shoes are selling for are practically give-away (don't all sellers think that? :smile:) and buyers can afford to take the gamble.
  6. thanks guys! luckily the shoes have never been worn so i don't expect any issues with respect to this. but i worry that it will be difficult for someone to buy them sight unseen. i am willing to sell them for next to nothing if this will help lift my selling restriction.
  7. Wow, I also just learned something new. Thanks :tup:
  8. The "worn" shoe people are very competitive and will report your auction if it seems remotely like it might cater to their bidders. And, then you get a lovely violation that says to the effect that you were trying to sell adult items in an inappropriate category, when all you wanted to do was sell your cute Pradas and can't figure out how they are "adult." :graucho: